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Happy Friday!!!

It's here!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a fun weekend planned...I know at least @LizzyTish88 is probably about ready to bust with excitement for her trip!

I've been feeling like I'm in organizing mode so tonight I plan to work on organizing our basement...or at least the laundry room. I want to paint down there but it's impossible to do that right now until I get stuff picked up and put together neatly. I also plan to drink wine....

Tomorrow I really want to run some errands that I've been putting off all week. H's niece is turning 8 later this month and I found out that she has an American Girl doll so I am STOKED to go to the AG store tomorrow and pick out some outfits and accessories for her. I'm thinking for sure matching PJs for her and her doll but I guess we'll see what else catches my eye. Later that evening we're planning to go to the botanical gardens to listen to some live music. I think the band tomorrow night is some mix of folksy rock/Irish gaelic style music so it should be interesting.

Sunday I get to hang out with my sister and my mom and CALLIE!!!!!!!!! Last night my sister's H shared the cutest video of her ever. She's walking around chattering and screeching like a little baby dinosaur. I seriously don't know how I got so lucky to have such a funny and adorable little girl for a niece!


Re: Happy Friday!!!

  • @LizzyTish88 I wish I had a personal hairstylist who was available to do my hair daily! I can never seem to make my hair as nice as it comes out after a visit to the salon. We'll see you in a week...if NEY is still here anyway. ;) I kind of have my doubts.

  • @labro I'm kind of afraid of that too. I'll come back from vaca and there will be no more NEY and I will be the saddest panda!! 
    friends tv show funy
  • I'm here!!!

    @LizzyTish88 - Have an awesome time on your trip! Take lots of pictures!
    @labro - I miss Callie pictures :( I had no idea American Girl dolls were still a thing. I remember when I had one!

    It finally happened you guys. After 5 months of waiting, we finally got our new roof! Now it feels like Hailpocalypse 2016 is becoming a distant memory. We also got our back siding repainted and the deck power washed and repainted. Everything looks so nice and new again!
    Apart from that, work has been insanely busy. I hate how I go from being bored out of my mind in the summer to a crazy amount of work once September 1 hits. I'm looking forward to this weekend though. H and I are having pasta tonight for date night. Then tomorrow I am going to a card-making party with my mom, and then painting our bedroom accent wall. I can't wait to see how it's going to turn out! Sunday we are meeting for my grandpa's b-day and I might hang out with my brother. Now that we are both reading HP, we decided to watch the movies as we finish each book.
    Just a few more weeks until vacation!

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  • @beachyone15 Is this the first time you're reading HP? I hope you enjoy the movie/book comparisons. I'm so happy your new roof is done! Fresh paint and a power wash and a new roof really feels like your house is sparkling! Please AW your bedroom when you're done!!

  • @labro - Yes, it's the first time I've actually read the books. At first, I was thinking, these are EXACTLY like the movies, until I read Goblet of Fire. There is so much that was left out! And I feel like I understand the characters better (as is the case with most books).

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  • @LizzyTish88, have fun on vacation!

    @labro, have fun with your family and good luck organizing!

    I'm taking the afternoon off so I can help my mom -we're throwing a bridal shower for my FSIL tomorrow and she needs help cleaning/cooking/etc.

    Tomorrow is the bridal shower.

    Sunday is for football. And at some point this weekend, I'll pull together materials for my classes for next week.
  • @beachyone15 You're going to LOVE them! I never got the same emotional pull from the movies like I did, especially from those last books. It makes me so happy when people read HP. And I guess it always surprises me when I meet people in my age group who haven't read them since I grew up with them being released every year-ish or so and going to the midnight release parties and stuff.

  • @KeptInStitches Good luck with the shower! What are you making tonight?

  • @labro, I'm not sure what my mom has left, but the last I had heard on the menu was that we were going to be doing Caesar salads and a fruit salad that's chopped fruit in a orange juice-vanilla pudding dressing. I think my aunt, who's also hosting, was bringing dessert, but I don't remember what it was.
  • @beachyone15, huzzahs for the new roof!
  • @lizzytish88 Enjoy your trip!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!
    @beachyone15 yay new roof! 
    @keptinstitches good luck with the shower, come back with pictures!
    @labro AC Moore also has AG stuff!  I got a ton for my bf's goddaughter for her birthday.  

    Blegh, I probably shouldn't even be on here because I'm swamped at work.  I've been at the office till 6 every day, and getting in around 7:30.  I probably will be bringing work home this weekend.

    Nothing exciting planned for this weekend.  I think I'm going to give the house a deep clean and declutter.
  • @speakeasy14 What is AC Moore? I'm sorry work sucks and you may have to work at home this weekend. Do you get paid for all the OT at least?

  • @labro a craft store like Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  It's a chain, I'm surprised you don't have one haha  Arts and Crafts Stores | A.C. Moore -- And no overtime, I'm salary.    
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