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You should smile more

This Hilarious Video Is For Every Woman Who's Been Told To Smile

I was cracking up over the weekend from this video. 

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  I'm sure it'll be a ghost town here again.  So, use this as a venting space, or share something random. 

Re: You should smile more

  • Hello! Weekend was boring... same as usual, just sat around the house. My week days and weekends blend together on maternity leave. I realized I haven't really done anything except sit in my house for two months. So I'm going to tey hard to take advantage of this final month off and take little day trips. Sucks to go alone because H and friends are all at work but whatever, I'll find some fun. 

    We are currently looking at ways to save money since daycare is going to wipe us out each month. We're going to try some of the streaming apps instead of cable. I love TV and cable but $120 a month (internet separate) is pretty ridiculous. And we may trade in H's truck for a cheaper car. We would be losing out on some of the equity/ down payment made on it but it would even out over time with the monthly payment savings. Not sure if we want to pull the trigger. Cutting back on fun like dinners and movies has been easy since we can't really take him places like that lol. 

    Hope everyone here is well, miss the daily chats and I'll definitely be back when I return to work!! 



  • @labro - Ahhhh, Callie!  She is so adorable!  Your weekend sounds amazing.  And reaching for heart melts!
  • @minskat30 EEK! All the vibes that your first flight with Ani goes 100% perfectly! At least it should be a fast flight to Houston!

  • @labro yea sling TV was on my list, it looks like PlayStation Vue offers more channels than them for $5 more. I wrote out our budget and income when trying to determine if I could quit my job and I definitely cannot lol. But it was alarming to see where we can cut expenses. Aaaw Callie is too cute, love that you get so much time with her. 

    @minskat30 great call on the direct flight! I go back October 12th. 



  • @PamBeesly514 LOL! Free the boobs!!! I would definitely be in trouble if I didn't remember a boobs are too huge to hide.

    Callie turns a year in about two and a half weeks!!! We're having a big party for her a few days early because her actual birthday falls on a weekday. I talked to my sister about it yesterday and I think we're going to take her out for a birthday ice cream on the official day.

  • @pambeesly524 - My friend is having a baby shower for her little girl due in November! I'm so excited for her. Actually, another law school friend (we were all roommates at one point) had a baby in July too so we will all have little girls before the year is out! 
  • @KeptInStitches- I love the purse game. It always amazes me what some people have in their purses. Mine is already heavy enough that I can't imagine putting anything else in there!

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  • @beachyone15, the only thing I carry is a credit-card sized aluminum wallet. I always win 'minimalist' award. The last shower I was to, they wouldn't even let me count my cell phone because I couldn't get it in my 'purse.'
  • @KeptInStitches I'm so glad the shower was a success! I always fail at the purse game too because I just don't carry a ton of stuff...although I'm certainly  not anywhere near your level of minimalism.

    @beachyone15 The accent wall looks great! I actually think the mirrors hung in a horizontal row and evenly spaced would also look very pretty and elegant! Where did you find them?

    @minskat30 Ahhh so many girls!!!!! They are all obviously going to be BFFs!

  • @labro - Thanks! That's what we were thinking too - side by side, just can't decide if we should hang them all (or some) tilted on their sides so they each look like a diamond. We found them at a furniture store called Hemispheres - and they were half off!

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  • @alpacina Somehow I'm winning in my fantasy league.  I have no idea what I'm doing, nor have the patience to keep up every week, so I don't see this lasting long. 

    @keptinstitches glad the shower was a success! I almost always carry a large purse with the most random things, but I always leave it in the car when I go to parties.  Every single time the purse game is played, I get so mad that I left it behind haha
  • @beachyone15 Ohhh I get it!! I personally like [  ] rather than diamond but that's me...I'm very traditional and organized lol and I think diamonds would annoy me. But it needs to fit your vision!

  • I wanna see diamonds here!

    Not here.
    Image result for diamond decor

  • @beachyone15 love that color!!! 
    @speakeasy14 yea there's probably a park, I could go sit and read and hope he slept lol
    @alpacina boo hope your foot feels better and good luck on fantasy football



  • @audrewuh- I *so* wish we had a fall season here. H and I like to travel in the fall, so we can at least get some crisp mornings and orange leaves - even if it's somewhere else!

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  • @audrewuh - I honestly can't think of any movies or music that get me in a fall mood. Mostly just the fall drinks at Starbucks! I seriously love this time of year. Love love love love love.

    PS. I love you more than fall, though.

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