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Yesterday was my boyfriend (now fiancee!) and I's one year anniversary, we went back to the place we had our first date (and first met in person, we found eachother online) which happened to be the bookstore. I had already planned with my mother to surprise him with the children's style book I had wrote and illustrated about out first year together, what I DIDN'T know was that he had started a life journal for us, and mom had hid that right underneath. She was already there taking pictures of him for me, so I was completely taken by surprise when, after reading the beautiful journal he had started, he proposed to me! It was perfect and I'm so excited <3333 

(I had got tired and sat down while reading the book lol)

not only was the proposal perfect (and the man) but he used my mother's diamond in the engagement ring <3 

spring 2018 here we come!!


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