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Night before restaurant for girls

I am trying to find a restaurant for the night before my wedding in Vegas.  Right now the count is about 14. I do not want anything too fancy since I am trying to having the budget not go over 30/person. Also, I wanted some place casual so not too dressy. I have been looking through yelp and wanted some place where I don't have to have a private party set up, with a special menu.  If any of you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it.  Thank you.

Re: Night before restaurant for girls

  • I really like Holstein's at The Cosmopolitan. It's a fun and casual atmosphere with really great food (burgers and such by that's my favorite) decently priced. They will just put tables together for you so I would make a reservation but it will stay in your price point and shouldn't be a large party headache. Besides, being right in the middle of the Cosmo is generally appealing to a group of ladies. My friends and I enjoyed photo ops in front of the Chandelier. 
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