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Addressing a save the date

This is a dumb question but I've never sent any sort of invitations before.  I am sending save the date postcards that I made and looking through the addresses that were sent by my soon to be mother in law she would put "Johnson Family" and not the actual names of the family members.  She seems to think this is fine but looking up etiquette, it doesn't seem right so I'd like other opinions.  

I don't know the children's names for most of the families.  Is it okay to address them as "family" or do I need to ask for everyone's name? 

Also, are we supposed to put & Guest on save the dates? Or just invitations? 

Thanks in advanced!! 

Re: Addressing a save the date

  • If the children are invited, you put their names on the invitation. For Save The Dates, which are less formal, you could put Mr.and Mrs. Johnson. People swear away from "family" because that could cause some confusion. I would wait for the & Guest until invitations go out. If a person has a SO, the SO's name would be on the STD and the invitation. & Guest would only be for truly single people at the time invitations are issued.
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    Address the invitations the same as your would any personal mail.  "Mr. and Mrs. John Doe.  On the back, you can write "Sally, Jimmy and Bob will be invited, too."

    No "...and Guest" for STDs.  You should really not use this at all.  If someone is in a relationship, you need to learn the name of the person, and use his/her name on the invitation.
  • Never use "and family" because they could bring 20 people who are all related.  Put the NAMES on it.  Never use "and guest."  Either ASK for the name of the person that your friend will be bringing, or just send it to your friend with her name on it.
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