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I hope everyone has nice plans for the weekend!

H had a really good call last night. I didn't realize it but it was actually the technical interview. It went well, which wasn't surprising. He's really smart and talented and knows his shit so it wasn't something I was stressing over. I guess we'll see where this goes with future interviews. He says the guys were pretty chill...which isn't shocking. He's currently in the finance industry for IT and he would be moving to the entertainment/gaming industry so it's definitely significantly less up-tight there. So yep, guess we'll see what happens. I think ultimately we won't take the job unless they offer him a bunch of money though since moving to CA is going to be expensive enough as it is.

I don't have much planned for the weekend. Tonight we'll probably chill at home, and tomorrow H has to work all day because of a big test at work. I'll probably spend Saturday doing my own thing...which is never a bad thing! I need my alone time sometimes!

Sunday is grocery shopping, lunch prep, and letting H relax since he'll only have a one day weekend, poor guy.


Re: TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    @labro Ah that's so freaking exciting! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for your H!

    I got my hair done last night.  Nothing crazy, just redid my highlights and got rid of the dead ends. My stylist really wanted to play but I told him he had to wait till after my bf's brother's wedding.  So I'll probably be doing something a little bold in November. 

    Having dinner with my family tonight and then this weekend there will be a mass cleaning.  I've gotten to the point that I'm disgusted with all the clutter, so will be scrubbing and consolidating everything. 

    **ooooh also, THIS is amazing and I no longer use makeup remover! 
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    @speakeasy14 I LOVE your new hairs! I really need to get fresh highlights and get my hair cut soon. It's probably been 8 months since I last went in...ugh.

    I don't usually wear make-up but I am kind lol'ing at the cloths. They seem really great but LOL I've almost always just used a washcloth and some Pond's for eye make-up.

  • @labro, all the vibes for your H!

    @speakeasy, I like your new hairstyle!
    Ellie's procedure got pushed back a day because the vet is out Monday morning. Poor baby has to be in pain one more day, but then she will start to feel better. 

    Otherwise today I'm grading, in meetings, proctoring a test, holding office hours, working late. I have homework and an exam I gave yesterday to grade.

    Tomorrow H has gaming and I will probably be doing class prep. Lord, I should clean something. During gaming I'm hoping to be able to knit. I'm so close to done with the scarf for my BFF - I'm at 75%!!

    Sunday is for football, course prep, I should clean something ...
  • @labro I bought the cloth cause I needed to spend an additional $8 at sephora for free shipping and they were a suggested item.  Figured worst case, I got two washcloths haha.  I really only used makeup remover whenever I had waterproof makeup on, but these cloths have removed everything with just water which is awesome for my pita skin. 
  • @KeptInStitches Good luck to Ellie!!! I hope her surgery goes well!

    @speakeasy14 Def. worth it for free shipping!

  • @labro good luck to your H! And as much as I do like makeup remover cloths, my go-to is unscented lotion on a tissue. Works very well to remove eye makeup.

    Plans this weekend are up in the air. Tomorrow is MIL's birthday, and she's going to Reno to visit BIL and his kids. Other BIL is flying there tonight as well. We're keeping an eye on flights, and if we can find one with open seats, we'll be heading out there to. (H works for an airline, so we fly standby for free - pretty awesome, but kind of stressful. You just show up at the airport, sit at the gate, and hope that they call your name after everyone boards. But we have visibility into flight loads beforehand, so we only go if there's a decent chance of getting on a flight.)

    If we don't go to Reno, I will probably spend tomorrow cleaning. Like @speakeasy14 I am so sick of the clutter around the house. Need to put non-pregnant/summer clothes in storage, get rid of a bunch of crap, and organize everything else.

    Sunday is football. Always football.

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  • @madamerwin that's awesome you guys can fly for free, even if it is stressful and a lot of waiting
  • @labro – I’m glad your H’s interview went well! I thought California was the place everyone was getting the hell away from? Haha. Do you know what part of the state this job would be in?

    @speakeasy14 – Your hair looks gorgeous! You look crazy good in blue.

    @KeptInStitches – SHOULD clean something is not HAVE TO clean something. So it’s obviously not that dirty around. ;)

    @madamerwin – I hope you guys are able to get on a flight! I am so jealous of my friends with those hookups in the airline industry.


    This weekend is my birthday celebration!!!! I'm meeting up with 2 sisters, my mom, 2 aunts, and a cousin for a weekend of wine and . . . woman-ness? The Yakima Valley has tons of wineries, so my mom and aunt are going to shuttle us around everywhere tomorrow. I'm pretty sure everyone just wants to buy me bottles of wine for my birthday, and I'm gonna let them!

    I'm leaving work at lunch to head out for the weekend. We're going to start out tonight at a brewery, and just let everyone show up as they can! My younger sister is north of Seattle, my aunt is so far east that she's almost in Idaho, and my cousin is in the south east part of the state near the Oregon border. It is literally the most central meeting place we could find.

  • @AlPacina have so much fun this weekend!! Hoard all the wine bottles you can haha!
  • @speakeasy14 -

    And because after a few flights I tend to start skipping the whites..

  • @AlPacina Full bottles of wine are VERY acceptable birthday gifts! I hope you have a nice time!!

    @madamerwin Ugh, I'm so jealous of your stand-by status. I hope you're able to travel for your MIL's birthday celebration!

  • AlPacina said:

    @speakeasy14 -

    And because after a few flights I tend to start skipping the whites..

  • And because it's a half day on Friday and I don't want to work:

    Man, I wanna start drinking already!

  • Happy birthday @AlPacina! I'm jealous of your wine-y weekend. I miss wine.

    And the standby thing is definitely awesome. H's parents have the same privileges, as will our children, and he also gets about 20 guest passes a year - the recipients can use them to fly standby, but they have to pay the taxes on the cost of a ticket. Usually comes to about $40. We're just completely free, though. We are going to try to fly standby to Oahu next month to visit friends. Sounds risky, but MIL does it twice a year, and usually there are seats. And in reality, we have never gone to the airport and not been successful. Sometimes it takes a few hours to get on a flight, and there have been times when we have been on different flights, but it always works out eventually.

    The worst that happened is that once, when we were coming home from thew Bay Area, we got to Seattle there weren't any open seats to Portland (there hadn't been any seats on direct flights from SFO). H can fly jumpseat in the cockpit, so he was headed to PDX on the next flight, but I almost had to fly to Spokane first, since there were open seats from Spokane to PDX (so would have been SFO > SEA > GEG > PDX). RIGHT when I was about to board, I saw H frantically waving at me from down the terminal - somehow, a seat opened up on a flight to PDX, so I narrowly voided a 3-leg journey.
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  • @madamerwin - Honestly, wine gives me the worst heartburn, so I don't drink it too often. But at a certain point I just accept the fact that the joy of wine can overcome the discomfort that follows. Why do you miss wine? Why don't you have wine?!?

    Flying to Spokane would have been so stupid! At that point I would have just tried to get on the Bolt Bus from Seattle. If you need anyone to tag along and make sure you don't get lost on your way to Oahu, let me know. ;)

  • @alpacina, it's "have to" clean something, I'm just so freaking busy it falls to "should." Which probably means I should give up football Sundays and clean.
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