Outdoor Budget Venue

My fiance and I have been looking for a venue and are having trouble finding one that is both in our budget and what we'd like. We're having a fairy tale theme, and so some where with a castle or cathedral would be perfect, but most of all I've found are too pricey, so even just a garden or forest could work as long as it had the right feel. The ceremony will be outside, with the reception either inside or under a tent (if the place provides a tent) if inside I'd like a place that has lots of light. Now here comes the kicker-- we're looking for a place under 1k (for both ceremony and reception). Being college students, we can't exactly drop a whole lot on a one day event, I know that makes things more difficult, so maybe some other budget brides know of a place? There won't be more than 50 people there, so it's a somewhat small wedding if that helps. 

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