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Videographer or no?

I'm unsure if I want to hire a videographer for the wedding. I need some advice for pro and cons. Thanks! :)

Re: Videographer or no?

  • Marine18 said:
    I'm unsure if I want to hire a videographer for the wedding. I need some advice for pro and cons. Thanks! :)
    The only con I can think of is budget.  We didn't have a videographer because of the cost.  We did bring our own video camera--didn't get the ceremony, but we did get some footage of the reception.  DH had fun carrying it around, talking to our guests, and we recorded some of the dancing as well--basically when anything interesting happened, one of us would pick up the camera and start recording.  I think FIL and MOH may have grabbed it at some point, too, just to have fun with it.  Honestly, it's been 3 years and we haven't even looked at the video all the way through.  
  • My cousin chose to go with an app that lets your guests film, so it saves you money on budget. But everyone I hear from who doesn't get a videographer regrets it, because you can see photos of your first dance but you can't hear the music and the ambiance 
  • If there's one thing I wish I had done for our wedding, it was to have a videographer. We just thought it was an unnecessary expense, but I really wish we had done it.

  • I've been married previously. Awhile ago, but recent enough that videographers were still popular. We didn't get one due to budget reasons and I didn't regret it at all. I loved looking at my photos but I highly doubt I would have ever watched a video. Photos you can hang on your wall and enjoy them all the time. It's not like you are going to have a video playing the back ground at your place. 

    So if you have the budget, great. If not, I would rather invest more in the photographer. 
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    We did not get a videographer due to budget. Anyone I know who has had a videographer has loved the video, but not everyone I know who didn't have one has regretted it. I think this would depend on your "style"- do you enjoy watching home videos? Do you often do so?

    We did set up my dad's video camera on a tripod for the ceremony. No, it's not edited and you hear background noise from the guests, but at least we have "something" to watch. TBH though, we have not watched it yet (married 2.5 years). The big issue is the video camera uses a small tape to record, thus we do not currently have a medium to view it, but we also haven't run out to get it transferred onto something else either.

  • We didn't get one (wasn't really a priority for us in the budget and we also didn't know if it might make us even more nervous for things like ceremony, dances, etc. - that's probably just us though ;) ). I don't regret it, though it's really a matter of personal preference (I have seen some nice video montages from videographers that are quite well done).

    We did end up with multiple videos taken at the reception by guests of various spontaneous moments/dances, which we absolutely love, but that's probably crowd-dependent.
  • Not having a videographer was probably my #1 regret post-wedding. It wasn't a budget issue; I just didn't think it was really necessary and didn't even give it much thought. Then, a friend showed me a video she'd taken of me and husband's last dance and that's when regret really sank in. I wish I had more videos than just the one. My father shares the same regret.
  • I'm a photographer/ videographer and have friends who are videographers too so we set up our cameras to record ourselves. I love that I have the videos to look back on <3 they make me cry every time. I forgot my mic tho so the audio is really bad. If it's in your budget to hire a videographer, please do so! if it's not, then at least  buy a couple of cheap go pros ($95 at Walmart) or rent some nice DSLRs (i believe some internet camera shops rent out Nikon D3200's for $30 for the weekend) with some mics and set them up around the venue so you can have something to rewatch your big day!
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