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I'm going to have quite a few kids at our wedding and I'm in the process of making a coloring book for them to have (among other things) to play with during the reception.
The question I have is: has anyone done this before and have suggestions for pages? So far, I drew the cover page and about to start work on a maze (get from the church to the reception venue). The wedding is in New Orleans and my fiance and I are really into video games so we're trying to incorporate that in the coloring book.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Reception Coloring Books

  • We purchased our colour-in placemats for the kids at our wedding, so I dont have experience with your exact plan, however our placemats are themed with the city we live in - London. They show fun little graphics of london landmarks as well as London characters like Buckingham palace guards (and even the Queen, lol!). Perhaps there are some New Orleans landmarks and traditional 'characters' that could work? Maybe like a mardi gras scene, or a jazz band? 
  • Ohhh!!! That's so cute!
    Did you have them already at each seat? Did you have crayons in little boxes or wrapped up?

    I definitely have to have the St. Louis Cathedral and a Mardi Gras scene in there... what a great idea! Thank you :D

  • I haven't used them yet, but we will have them already out at each place setting, then each child has a little gift bag on their chair with some crayons, blowing bubbles, a little puzzle, and some stickers. Hopefully it will keep them occupied for all of 5 minutes!  :D
  • We did coloring books! My mom, who is a Jill of all trades, illustrated them for us. We had a maze (I don't remember what was at the end), a connect the dots of the cake, and then pages with me and H doing different activities - like gardening, snowboarding, sitting on a beach (honeymoon), us in our wedding attire, and pages with our pets (dog, cats, chickens). They were a huge hit! The only regret I have is not printing more of them - we printed enough for all the kids on card stock, then about a dozen extras on normal paper for any adults who might want them. We ran out. I think I kept one back as a keepsake. 

    They were so successful that two months later, my mom did the same for my sister's wedding. Now she is thinking about selling them on Etsy one day.
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  • @glasgowtolondon, that's smart! Hopefully everything is a big hit! Let me know how the wedding goes <3

    @madamerwin, that is so great to hear! I was actually planning on making a separate kids table with the coloring books on them. I was only planning to make enough for the kids, but it sounds like I would benefit from making loads more! Also, you have some great ideas for the other pages too. Thank you! 

    Just as an update, I've illustrated half the cover page, a page with a maze (get the limo to the reception hall [and it's even geographically correct!]), a scene from our favorite video game, and I'm planning on doing a Mardi Gras themed I Spy page. 
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    That sounds like fun, @Carabe11a
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