Beware of Lovelei Photography and Leianna Boenke

First of all, I want to say that my husband and I love our wedding day. It was so perfectly us. However, our wedding photography, Lovelei Photography by Leianna Boenke, will forever be a thorn in our side. 

It has been 15 months since our wedding. We have yet to receive all of our wedding photographs.  Leianna promised multiple times to upload the photos, until she stopped responding completely. There are so many photos from the day of that we never received- photos that we took time away from our friends and family to make. The largest group of missing photos are my husband's groomsmen photos. Not one was ever uploaded. My husband will never enjoy his groomsmen photos.  For me, that is the worst part- knowing that I hired this person who has so disappointed my husband. He was so excited to have those memories with the men he treasures most, and unfortunately there is almost no possibility that we will ever receive them.

Then there are the photos that were never taken. Neither photographer was there when I tossed my bouquet.  I still have no idea where they were. Later in the evening, both photographers' cameras died at the same time. They did not have backup cameras or batteries, so there are no photos during that time.  

We have made countless phone calls, sent countless emails, even hired lawyers. The business has moved with no forwarding address. I want to make sure that no other brides have to suffer this. Absolutely stay away from Leianna Boenke and Lovelei Photography.
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