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Monday Monday

Blah how is it here already? I woke up this morning with a sore throat...which means ragweed season is definitely here. :(

This weekend I just took things easy. On Saturday H had to work so I ran some errands and managed to walk out of the American Girl store only spending $50. I got my niece the dog walking set that goes with Julie, her AG doll!

Look at these cute little pups! I hope my niece loves them too!

Then on Sunday my mom and my sister and Callie came over! I made a new fall wreath that is still a work in progress so I don't have any photos to AW yet. And then I (heavily) helped my mom with making a witch wreath for her front door. I wasn't 100% sure about it when we were getting started but the final product looks amazing!!!

This week I have a lot of team event stuff going on for work so I don't know how much I'll be around. Le sigh.


Re: Monday Monday

  • Happy Monday all! Hope everyone had a great weekend! My weekend was way too uneventful as we spent most of the time at home doing things around the house. We had some pending projects that we kept putting off but wanted to finish before our parents arrive for a visit this weekend. This morning, I started off my day with a very very (talking more than 3 hours) long meeting, and then I went for lunch. I had two slices of pizza and I don't know what is going on but my stomach is really bothering me. I am very stressed with work, as over the next two weeks I have an extremely important deadline and I have to give two talks at conferences (1 in English and 1 in Spanish) and I have to prepare everything while my parents are coming over from the US to visit, so it might have something to do with that. All I know is that I just want to take a nap because I can't focus with this nausea but I feel guilty leaving work 2 hours early with all of the things on my plate. Anyway, glad to have gotten that off my chest, sorry for the rant.

    @labro That wreath is fantastic! I love the colors and the fall themes throughout. Bravo! I used to LOVE American Girl dolls when I was little. I remember I used to have a Samantha doll, and I LOVED collecting all of the accessories. My favorite was her brass bed, I would tuck her in right before I would get tucked in. Aw, your trip there made me get nostalgic about doll-playing days :) I am sure your niece will love her dog-walking set  and I hope your sore-throat clears up soon!
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  • @loro929 Ugh...I hope you aren't getting sick from work stress and the stomach upset gets better.

    I had Samantha too! And Josefina. I LOVED my AG dolls when I was a kid so I'm really glad my niece has one of her own.

  • @labro that wreath looks so freaking good! I could never pull of something that nice. 

    I went to a birthday party Saturday and Eli had like the best day of his life. Had him in the carrier on my chest and he loved it and slept the whole time, or was awake and smiling (which like never happens). Only thing that sucked was they served all Italian baked pasta with cheese dishes so I couldn't eat like anything and left starving. 



  • @jenna8984 Nooooooooooooo!!! That's like the ultimate torture! I'm glad E was in a good mood...but ugh...the temptation had to have been so so hard!

    The wreath was surprisingly easy!! Like I thought it looked more complicated too but the base came together nicely and the rest was just using pipe cleaners to tie all the extra bits into the frame plus a little hot glue.

  • @labro, adorable little pups! I also love your wreath!

    @loro929, hope life settles down soon for you.
    So I was going to be all productive this weekend, and then I got sick Saturday. I took the weekend off - wasn't a teacher, didn't do anything after hours, no cleaning, just sat on the couch and felt sorry for myself until I realized my knitting was within reach. Mostly I knitted on the scarf, napped, and watched football. The Vikings won, so I'm happy, but I hope AP wasn't hurt too badly.

    Tonight I'm going to feed Ellie early so that she eats before her surgery tomorrow, finish making my lectures for the week, finish the scarf (God willing), and watch football. I'm rooting for the Bears. I will cheer against the Eagles as long as they have Wentz, which I will fully admit is a personal problem, but he went to college in this area and because of that damn football team there are local newscasts I can't watch because I have no desire to know when the Bison football team takes a shit.
  • @jenna8984 I agree, if you are normally a baked pasta fan that must have been so tough! Hopefully when you got home you were able to have something delicious.

    @KeptInStitches That stinks that you were planning to be productive and got sick :( At least you were able to rest and catch up with knitting. Sometimes these sick days are a wakeup call from our body telling us to catch up with rest or just some simple me time. I hope that you weren't feeling too bad over the weekend and that you are better now.

    @labro I am not really the crafty type, I feel like if I attempted that wreath it would end up on some pinterest fail blog. lol. Yours looks really professional.
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  • @labro your wreath is awesome! 
    @keptinstitches hope you feel better soon!
    @jennna8984 yay E for sleeping and being smiley!! possibly dumb question... how come no pasta?  A lot my friends that breastfeed I've seen eat pasta and dairy, just not large amounts. Or is it an allergy thing? 

    Has anyone heard of Vince Gill?  We sponsored an event last night and he played at it.  Definitely was the youngest person in the crowd.  Show was supposed to end at 9; he kept playing till 10 something.  I left and he was still playing.  This is going to sound horrible, but the entire theater had a bad old people smell and I kept gagging. 

     The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning.  I finally have all of my laundry put away! Woo hoo
  • @labro definite torture! 
    @speakeasy14 yea dairy of any kind just does a number on his stomach. Not sure why, they say he's not going to be intolerant or anything just too immature to digest it right now. 
    I have heard of Vince Gill but don't remember why or who he is lol. I feel bad but I feel like that with the smell at my grandparents house. 



  • @jenna8984 aw that really sucks! Vince Gill - country singer; I had never heard of him before last night.  Apparently he's been performing for 42 years. 
  • I never had an AG.  We got My Twin dolls, that were designed to look exactly like us.  When I moved out my mom gave me mine, scared the crap outta my bf haha --- @madamerwin I loved having matching outfits with my doll! 
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    @madamerwin OMG that's so sweet! I really wanted to get my niece matching outfits for her and her doll but was sooo much money. That's so nice that your mom had the skill to make them for you!

    Boo on your H for crushing all the holiday fun! Mine is a grinch too and he'll make comments about this stuff but I ignore it and do what I want! He just has to deal...and I have to keep my stuff as confined to one closet as much as I can. Maybe things will change after your baby arrives? ;)

    @LizzyTish88 Damn you guys had a full weekend! I hope you're able to get some rest this week! I hope your FMIL starts to show some more enthusiasm for everything.

  • @lizzytish88 so do you already have ideas of the type of wedding you guys want? Im sure you have some!! 



  • @jenna8984 Not sure. We are discussing a few different things. A while back we had written out a potential list, to try to work out a budget, and family alone was roughly 150 people, so we have that in the back of our minds. I have just started to really look at Pinterest and we have to have some discussions but hopefully soon!! 
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  • @madamerwin OMG that unicorn costume is everything!!! I've never heard of those dolls...I actually wasn't super into dolls as a kid with the exception of American Girl lol. I used to obsess over the catalogs and I adored the books!

  • @madamerwin that unicorn costume is amazing!!! I had one of those doll too! I didn't get a second doll either. 
  • @speakeasy14 @labro I highly recommend the unicorn onesie. It's super soft, kind of stretchy, and really, really comfortable. It's like wearing a blanket sack.
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  • @madamerwin I totally just bought an Eeyore onesie at Target as a backup halloween costume/winter lounging outfit. Blanket sack is the best description ever!
    @labro That wreath is awesome!

    Today was way busier than expected and now my week is going to be slow, unless something goes wrong here. Fingers crossed its a slow week, I've had a lot of busy ones and the burn out was getting intense.

    I spent the weekend in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge with one of my best friends. We did one of the mountain roller coaster things (which was SO FUN but kind of sketchy looking. We did it twice, haha), went to Dollywood, played mini golf, went to the aquarium, and wandered around the strip in Gatlinburg. There was some huge antique car show in Pigeon Forge which led to a TON of bad traffic, so we didn't do anything there other than drive through on our way into and out of town and to get to/from Dollywood. It was a great relaxing weekend. 

    Oh, and I saw a skunk. A real, live skunk. It was wandering around a really naturey part of Dollywood after the park closed and then crossed a path to check out a trash bin. I about lost my cool, it took everything in my power to keep my distance. It looked SO FLUFFY!

    I would post pictures but I'm too lazy, and it's late in the day so I assume no one is even here and I'm probably talking to myself. 

  • @madamerwin I haven't been on regularly - congrats!! How far along? 



  • Thanks @jenna8984! I'm 18 weeks, almost halfway there!
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