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AW/PIP - Truly Magical Vacation!

Hello NEY! I hope some people are around today because I have the BEST news to AW....
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(Sorry in advance for the overload of pictures!)

We got back Saturday night from a magical vacation to Disney. Our trip was a complete blast and on last Thursday night, it because a vacation that I would never forget! I have a ton of pics to AW from the trip so I hope you enjoy them!

We visited every park multiple times. They have photographers all around, and we had bought the package that includes getting pictures so I have a ton that were taken there. These are some of my favorites!

One morning we got into Magic Kingdom early for breakfast so I got these pictures with practically no one else in them! I love getting up early just for that reason!

Later that day we got one of my absolute favorites from the trip. I love that it looks like I am pulling FI (!!!!!!!!!!!!) along to "play".

We also did the Halloween party at Magic Kingdom. I was Captain America and FI was Iron Man. This night it absolutely poured and we got wet, but it ended up being a fun night once the rain cleared up.

Nothing a hug from Mickey can't fix!

We also went to Hollywood Studios. We got front row on Rockin Rollercoaster! That was sweet as you can tell by our faces LOL

We met Kylo Ren. OMG I didn't know that he talked and he came right up and said "approach" and I almost died. FI laughed about it all week!

I love this picture too! The photographer said to act like I was pulling FI to go on Tower of Terror. I think it came out great!

We also went to Animal Kingdom! This might be FI's favorite park because he loves seeing the animals!

And lastly we went to EPCOT! We really enjoyed the Food and Wine fest. We tried a ton of different foods and drinks from all around the world. I think my favorite was a real Belgian Waffle and his was a Pork Belly from Morocco! Here is us cheers-ing beers in Germany!

I also love this picture because my family ALWAYS yells at FI telling him to smile when we take pictures, and they caught Mickey telling him to smile! My mom loves this one!

So now to the engagement! We went to Magic Kingdom our last night there, Thursday. We went on rides but the most important thing we planned to do was see the two castle shows, "Celebrate the Magic" (his favorite) and "Wishes" (my favorite). We found a spot right in front of the Castle and watched the first show. They project pictures and stories right on the castle and it is really cool. After that, they was a 5 minute break and then it was time for Wishes.

Wishes is the firework show they do every night and it is set to music. At the end the words are "Make a wish, and do as dreamers do.. and all your wishes will come true." It was during this part that FI got on one knee and asked me to marry him. We were surrounded by TONS of foreign people, and not one seemed to even care, which was fine with FI because he hates attention. 

It was so perfect for me! At my favorite place during my favorite show! After it happened, we called my parents and my one cousin (she can see the pictures on my Disney app so it wouldn't take long for her to know.) It was late so FI called his mom the following day and then we told the rest of the family. They gave us buttons that say "Happily Ever After" and all the people who work there congratulated us for the rest of the trip!

This one was taken our last day at our lunch. We got extra attention from Mickey and Chip and it was so sweet! 

So there you have it! It was an amazing vacation and one I will never forget!
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Re: AW/PIP - Truly Magical Vacation!

  • Your trip sounded wonderful and your engagement story is so sweet! Congrats!! 
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  • Congrats, love it!!!



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    I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

    All of the pro pictures came out amazing! The one of your Fi(!!!!) smiling with Mickey is freaking adorable and needs to be framed!
  • Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! Congratulations!!!!!
  • Congratulations!!!! Very excited for you and your FI!!! :) What an amazing trip.
  • Since I can't like this more than once:
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  • YESSSSSSSS I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! I 100% came to NEY just to see if you were back and had posted yet. 


    Also, I freakin love your shirts, especially the Mickey ears Darth Vader and the Rope Drop to Wishes one. 

    And your face on Rock N Roller Coaster, lmao!!!!!!!

  • Yay congrats I am so excited for you!!!


  • CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you! 

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  • @LizzyTish88 CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so late to the party because I've been out of town (I was in Orlando too!) But I'm SO HAPPPY FOR YOU!! So exciting.
  • Thank you everyone! It's been a week and I am still so excited! I have learned a lot about people though. It's incredible how many people have asked if we set a date. Also, people have been touching me without my permission (reaching for my hand to look at the ring). I can't even think about how many people will think that's okay if I eventually get pregnant! 

    I hope NEY doesn't die out, because I am going to have to lean on all you OMH's to ask for advice over the next few months! 

    Thanks again!
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  • @LizzyTish88 the date question always annoys me! It just sounds like everyone assumes people plan every detail before they get engaged.  But the grabbing your hand!?!? Wow....

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  • Congratulations!!!!!! You both look so happy and that is so sweet that your FI (omg!) did it during your favorite show!

    Ugh the date question though. We got it the night we got engaged. We were both like umm no we haven't even had enough time to let it sink in that we are engaged! And grabbing your hand is really rude! 

    And sorry I haven't been around much, but almost all websites are blocked at my new job (including TK), but I will be happy to help when I pop in after work and on weekends if you need advice! :)

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