Printing Shops?

Hi everyone!

I've been designing my own invitations, but my home printer is absolutely awful. Does anyone know of any good (and affordable) places where I could get all my stuff printed out?

I've done a quick google search, but it seems like a lot of these places don't advertise prices, and you have to contact them for quotes and whatnot..But right now I'm not even entirely sure how much of what I need printed, and I'd like to be able to do a couple test-prints to make sure the colors look right and everything. 

OR does anyone have any recommendations for a really nice, cheap printer? Lol

Re: Printing Shops?

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    Anyplace should be able to give you a quote, based on color, paper, finishing (folding or scoring for example), and quantity.  

    If it's color copier type printing, Staples does a nice job with quality and price.  If it's a printing press printing, try Minuteman in Dublin

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