Getting in Shape

PSA: Arm workout

So as much as i loved my personal trainer, I had to stop using him since I couldn't afford it anymore.  One of the things I really liked when training with him was the trx straps.  trx straps are $300/piece.  I couldn't shell out that money, even though they are worth it.  psa: amazon's AXR 100 suspension straps are really really good and way cheaper ($50).  You can get a mount for it, but I use the door stopper thing that it comes with.  

Seriously, such a good arm workout.  There are core & leg workouts too, but for me, I'm focusing on the arms.  No matter how lazy I am (and trust me, I'm lazy!) I try to find time to do some workouts on my axr straps while watching TV every night.  You'll feel the burn :) 

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