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Bridesmaids Dresses / Gatsby - 1920s

How soon or late should bridesmaids get their dresses?

I'm getting married in April and everyone has some pretty big life changes happening to them or budget issues so I don't want to be a pest at the same time I don't want to wait until the last minute.

One bridesmaid had a baby.  Another is moving to Texas in December. (the wedding is in West Virginia). Another is a college student.  And two others are in Philadelphia.

And they're all pretty busy.  It's a 1920s theme, I was thinking Adrianna Papell kind of dresses in blush.

I did not realize how expensive beaded dresses were (which makes me feel kinda silly now because duh of course beaded is more expensive).  

So my second question is are there other dresses other than Adrianna Papell that echo 1920s designs but not a huge price tag?  I was hoping for them to find dresses that are around $100-$150 dollars.

Re: Bridesmaids Dresses / Gatsby - 1920s

  • I think your theme and your vision are getting in the way of your bridesmaids and their budgets.  I, personally, dislike themed weddings.  Your wedding does not need a theme.
  • Ditto PP. The first thing to do is ask each bridesmaid individually and in private what their maximum price would be. Then go with the lowest price. I too think you would be better off looking at stores not bridesmaid specific. Try not to get to stuck on the theme idea. The most important thing is that you are getting married - the ceremony of a wedding is theme enough.
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    Besides ModCloth, Pinup Girl Clothing has some great retro dresses.

    Apart from that, PPs covered it.
  • Agree with PPs, but also I bought an Adriana Pappel gown with the tags on through eBay for $50. So if that really is what you want, check out other retailers and be flexible with where they order from. There are also a ton of women reselling those dresses so maybe suggest a pre-owned one. 

    Additionally I agree with everyone, ask for their budget and any style requests before deciding on this particular style and dress. Also, especially if you're going with a non-bridal store bridesmaids dress you have TONS of time before they need to be ordered. 
  • PPs have everything else covered, so when to order and where to look:

    For when to order dresses, it depends where you are getting them from.  Non bridal salons do not take long at all.  If you're going the bridal salon route it depends where you look.  Davids Bridal and Alfred Angelo do not take as long as the designer bridal shops.  Every dress I have ever ordered from DB has taken 5 weeks or less to arrive.  I'm in a wedding in October and had to get my dress from a designer shop where it took about 15 weeks for my dress to arrive (the dress is a Mori Lee dress). 

    For non bridal salons: Modcloth and Pinup Girl clothing are great for a retro look.  If you're just looking for dresses that sparkle, Lulu's is a good option.  They have a ton of gorgeous gowns for under $100. 

  • BHLDN might have something too, although they tend to be pricier (ditto PPs on getting budgets from everyone first).

    Sometimes they have good sales/clearance though.  I also ditto the Modcloth suggestion.  Good luck!

  • Weddings in the 1920's were significantly different than they are today if you look at the pictures.  They weren't "Matchy Matchy" like weddings of today.  Some were, but if you google "1920's wedding party photo" some more extravagant ones were, but you'll notice it's not the "norm" of the time.  I'd highly recommend sending them forth with the recommendation of "1920's themed dress" and let them choose based on their own budget and if you have a color preference (remember - 1920's wedding photos were in black and white so colors differed. 

    Given the logistics situation, I did a quick search on Amazon for "1920's dresses" and found TONS of options super reasonably (some vendors offer free returns for sizing which helps as well and you've got the protection of Amazon).  A lot obviously depends on your BM's sizes, but Nordstroms also is an option for ideas as a bride not that long ago posted some on here. 

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