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V, are you watching.

I dvr'ed the first two episodes of American Horror Story, and will watch this weekend.

Re: V, are you watching.

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    I haven't watched the 2nd one yet, but the first one was EXCELLENT.  All of the creepiness that I've loved previously.  And I love the format they're using (though it took me just a minute to catch on).  
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    I really liked the first one.  I haven't watched the second one yet.

    I can't remember where, but I read something that suggested that the Roanoke story may not be the entire season, that there might be a few different stories.  All the theme secrecy has me unable to figure it out.

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    I watched both episodes last night and have the rest of the season set to DVR. OMG. So good.

    The format threw me for a loop for a minute too, V. But I really like it now that I understand. It reminds me a lot of Murder House, which is still my favorite season to date.

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    It does have the feel of Murder House to me as well, @thefanciestbeckler.  I'm interested to see how it all works out.  It's funny, I tend to like the seasons that most people didn't like b/c they were slower and not as horror based.  Asylum is my favorite, then Carnival, then Murder House, then Coven.  I have to be honest, I couldn't watch Hotel.  The first episode hit me way too hard and I just couldn't go back to it.  Which I was disappointed about, b/c I really wanted to see more of the Elizabeth Taylor character.

    I hadn't seen that there might be a few different stories @tawillers but that does make some sense.  Where it's more like a True Crime series with stories revolving around one incident or town and multiple POV.

    It also reminds me just a bit of the first season of True Detective, with all of the Southern witchcraft type references.  

    I was just thrown when a character was introduced, and then suddenly another actor walked on, looking somewhat similar and with the same name.  It wasn't totally obvious from the beginning that it was this sort of format.  Then it dawned on me.
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