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house update

I think the paint fumes are killing brain cells. Apparently they need to use oil for the cabinets, bookshelf, mantle, trim, etc. and the house is not a well ventilated area. I woke up at 4:15 or so and couldn't breathe and worked myself into a state - no idea if it was a panic attack or just breathing in the paint/primer/thinner/etc. fumes, but the symptoms were there. 

DK was texting the contractor at 5 am telling him that we needed them to use something different or we needed to be out of the house - he had been feeling off yesterday, too. Contractor told us to call our insurance company and they'd set up a hotel for us and pay to board the dogs. (Dogs are at vet now, hotel is booked for 2 nights with extension TBD if needed)

On the plus side, we'll be out of there, and free hotel nights (only need 3 more this year for gold with Marriott - if this stay doesn't do it, my trip next month will). On the minus side, I'm still not feeling so hot, and it will be inconvenient. 

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