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Happy Friday NEY! 

I'm so glad this week is coming to an end. The first week back to work after vacation is THE WORST! Thankfully I got pretty much everything I had to done work-wise and I should be able to finish up today.

This weekend we have to clean the house and go grocery shopping. We have no food in the house and it's pretty bad. Sunday I have a football game at 8am and I am hoping my cheer squad pulls through and can do their routine at halftime. 

Other than that, we aren't really doing anything. We have started working out a guestlist to share with our parents to start trying to nail down a budget so we can set a date. We have to talk to FI's mom and see who she was thinking of inviting. Hopefully we can set up some venue tours in the next few weeks and nail down a date! We are thinking either this time next year, or if we have to push it, Spring 2018. 

What are you up to this weekend?
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Re: Fri-YAY!

  • @labro Yay for finally getting a day to work at home! I can't wait to see all the pictures from Callie's party! How is she turning 1 already?? Wasn't southernpeach JUST pregnant?? 
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  • @LizzyTish88 Hope the girls can nail their routine this weekend! Was practice rough this week, or have their attitudes gotten better?

    @labro have so much fun this weekend! I can't wait to see all the sunshine pictures!! 

    Today is casual day at work.  My company started a casual Friday event to encourage employees to be more philanthropic.  All you have to do is pledge to donate $100 over the course of the year to a charitable organization.  After making that pledge there's a Friday every month that you can dress down.  

    I need to make an appointment with my seamstress to get my MOH dress altered.  I also, will be spending tomorrow morning at the DMV renewing my license. Other than that, nothing that exciting going on this weekend. 
  • Happy Friday! We made it!

    Tonight is date night. H and I are planning on going to a new Italian place we found that's really good. We also need to finish making the vanilla bourbon ice cream for tomorrow's party.

    Tomorrow we'll FINALLY finish cleaning for our party. It has been a lot of work but I'm proud of everything we got done around the house and everything will be nice and clean (hopefully for awhile). In the beginning, H thought we could throw a party for 20 people for under $100. We went grocery shopping the other night and he was a little shocked. Poor guy!

    Sunday H and I are going to a baby shower and then grocery shopping. At least it will be a small list of things we need to buy, because next weekend is finally vacay!

    @LizzyTish88 - I hope you can figure out the timing that works best for you two, but I totally agree with @labro. We considered waiting longer to get married and I'm so glad we didn't. We had a 1 year engagement and it was perfect. Enough time to get everything done, but not so much that it dragged on. Although I will say that I had a total IDGF attitude the last two weeks. I was just ready to be married! Lol.

    @labro - Happy birthday to Callie (and your sister)! It really does feel like she was just born yesterday!

    @speakeasy14 - Hope the DMV trip is quick for you. The last time I went, I was surprised by how efficient the whole process has gotten.

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  • Today is casual day at work.  My company started a casual Friday event to encourage employees to be more philanthropic.  All you have to do is pledge to donate $100 over the course of the year to a charitable organization.  After making that pledge there's a Friday every month that you can dress down.  
    All of this makes me SO happy that I work in a more casual work place now. I can wear jeans every freaking day. I hate business attire and I'm so so thankful it's not required!!

  • @beachyone15 Our engagement was exactly 10 months. I wish we could've done the whole thing in 6 months TBH! There was a period over the course of the summer when I had literally nothing to do and it was just waiting waiting waiting. And then those last few weeks...yeah I had a strong IDGAF attitude too lol! Never EVER want to plan a wedding ever again!

    I had another dream last night that we wanted to do a big anniversary party or something at our wedding venue. This time we wanted the party to be this weekend or something completely crazy and I was making calls all over the place asking if I had scheduled this or that or even bothered to book the venue! It was completely nuts.

  • @labro I know, it sucks so much.  We're completely business professional here too, not even business casual.  Because of that my wardrobe is a cross between suits and workout clothes

    @beachyone15 I just have to get the picture done, so I'm hoping it'll be fast as well.  Enjoy date night! I hope your ice cream comes out amazing! 
  • @labro and @beachyone15 I am pushing for the one year or less mark. I would really like to have it be 2017. Right now we are pretty flexible so hopefully it will all work out! 

    @speakeasy14 I wish I could dress down. Our work is business casual, leaning on casual. Sometimes we sneak in jeans and noone has said anything but I wish we could more! LOL. 
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  • @LizzyTish88 it's nice that we get to dress down, but it really is only once a month (and if you make a donation).  Otherwise I'm in a suit every other day. 
  • Hi all! Sorry I've been MIA. I have one week next week left at home with Anika and it's breaking my heart so I'm getting ALL the cuddling in I can.

    @speakeasy14 - we have jeans day coupons at work (money goes to charity). It is nice in the winter especially 

    @lizzytish88 - I hope you can make 2017 happen!!

    @labro - So excited to see pictures of the party!!!
  • @madamerwin Vibes to your niece and I hope she and your sister are doing well!

    That's really annoying about the $1 policy...especially now that you've switched to casual wear year-round. Do they actually go around enforcing it?

    @minskat30 BIG BIG HUGS!!! Going back is so hard. :( Are you doing anything this week to prepare for the transition? <3 I promise to share all the photos of the birthday girl! I can't wait to give Callie her surprise from her auntie M!

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    @madamerwin It's an honor system, and charitable organizations of your choice.  No one is really going around checking.  That's so weird that you're casual but they're still charging for Fridays.  Enjoy meeting your niece!!! 

    *hit send too soon* @minskat30 enjoy your last week with Ani and get all the snuggles in!! I hope the transition is as easy as possible for both of you!
  • @labro @speakeasy14 it is SUPER weird we still have to pay on Fridays, but it's on the honor system as well. There are cannisters to put your money in, and they send an email reminding people, but that's it. I usually don't have cash on me, so I just put a $5 in occasionally when I think of it.
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  • @madamerwin Hope you have a great trip to meet your niece and all is well!

    @minskat30 All the hugs to momma and Ani!! I hope the transition back isn't too terrible. All the snuggles are warranted!

    @speakeasy14 I missed your questions about cheer. My first practice back after vacation I came in with a plan and was taking no BS from them. We had only finished the cheer portion of the routine before I left and I had them work on one man stunts while I was gone to establish groups. When I got back Tuesday we got through the stunt section, and the jump section of the routine. Last night we cleaned that up a bit and moved on to complete the tumble section and began the pyramid section. Next week we will finish the pyramid and dance and then clean, clean, clean before our first comp October 15th!
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  • Thanks is HARD.

    @labro - I'm working from home two days a week for a month so hopefully that helps but this is the hardest thing I've ever done...leaving her with someone else is going to be hell.  The daycare is ok I guess.  We are second guessing our decision (it wasn't the best daycare but a good one and its close to my work so that I could stop by once a day most days) and possibly looking into a nanny or nanny share.    
  • @minskat30 I hope a nanny or nanny share works out! I know someone who did it that first year and then they switched to a daycare when their son was older. It was nice, he had a built in best friend and both babies got much more one on one care than they would have in the daycare.

  • @LizzyTish88 everything crossed they get everything done and do well at competition! Ugh, I miss those days. 
  • @minskat30 Sending good thoughts for a smooth transition! I'm only halfway through my pregnancy (rounding up), and I am already dreading having to go back to work after maternity leave... I'm glad she will be close enough for you to stop in the daycare every day, though!
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