Changed honeymoon destination after receiving donations on registry

We created and shared a honeyfund for Turks and Caicos, but have decided not to risk it because we're going to be trying for a baby and it's also a bad season to go right after our wedding (October). We have a lovely backup plan as we have always wanted to do a Rocky Mountain Christmas, so we're going to Denver and have some plans to explore surrounding areas. The thing is, our honeyfund still says we are going to Caicos. The only reason I haven't changed it is that you can't, as far as I can tell. They have a cadre of destinations, and Denver isn't one of them. The basic principal is the same - if you donate money it will still be to our honeymoon and not to rent or anything, but I don't want people to feel duped when they see pictures of snow and not sandy beaches. Thoughts?


  • I was wrong! You can change your destination to whatever you want, and even go in and alter images and descriptions of gifts - even if someone has already bought part of the gift package. So versatile! I changed everything and I think that will be sufficient.
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