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Please pass the wine...

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I'm really annoyed this morning.  I went to my seamstress last night to get my MOH dress altered, thinking all it needed was to be hemmed.  Nope.  The stitching is completely screwed up.  She has to undo the zipper and restitch it because the zipper cannot go past my rib cage (I just thought it was stuck at the banding and needed help getting zipped in, but it's definitely too tight and only in that spot because it's too big in the waist and chest). Then as she was pinning where to hem the skirt we discovered that the right side is several inches shorter than the rest of the dress.  She had pinned the rest of the dress to sit right over my shoes; if she would have done the same on the right side you would have seen my ankle.  For now, she's working on the zipper.  Once we have the top fitting me, then we'll deal with hemming the skirt.  

Dinner is at my mom's tonight.  Other than that nothing exciting going on. 

Re: Please pass the wine...

  • @speakeasy14 Who the hell made that dress? That's crazy that it's so lopsided.

    @labro Happy birthday to Callie! She is so sweet... I hope you have a great time eating all the ice cream tonight.

    I had a migraine last night so I slept from 8:30pm-6am... Still feels like I didn't sleep at all. I managed to make it into work, but in jeans and a sweatshirt. It didn't help that it's so dark and overcast today. 

    Crindy seems to be doing really well after her spay the other day. I feel bad for my H because he is home most of the day... Yesterday instead of doing his research he had to make sure our cats were separated and not playing with each other. We can't wait until she's healed and happy again. We put her in the bathroom last night to sleep and she didn't meow once - it was so nice to have a quiet night!

    I REALLY need to run after work today, so I'm hoping my headache goes away by then. My half marathon is on 10/9 and with my work trip and not feeling well i've barely run in the last two weeks. fingers crossed!
  • @labro Happy 1st birthday to Callie! I hope she gets more cake since she loved it so much!

    @PamBeesly524 falling asleep with a migraine is the worst! I always wake up feeling even worse than I had before falling asleep.  Hope you're feeling better enough that you can go for a run later. -- The dress is by Mori Lee.  
  • @speakeasy14 Ugh that sucks about the dress. Hopefully this is the last of your troubles with it.

    @labro I'm glad you get to see Callie today! She is so adorable! Tell her happy birthday from me!

    @PamBeesly524 I'm glad Crindy seems to be healing nicely! Hopefully she is back to her playful self soon!

    I need all the alcohol too. Vent ahead...

    The president of our league talked to the problem parent last night and she flipped. She screamed at him relentlessly and eventually said she was pulling her kids and that he was not to speak to her ever again, but to instead speak to her husband. Fast forward to last night and her kids were at practice. I don't get it and I'm personally done dealing with it. I have started to come up with a back-up routine because I still feel like she will pull her kid the morning of comp and screw the whole team.

    This morning a different parent posted pictures of the kids stunting from the game this past weekend and a different parent, who I have never even met because she hasn't bothered to attend a practice or game, made a comment that "it looks like someone is going to get hurt." I couldn't resist and wrote back, asking why she felt that way and urging her to speak directly to a coach if she has a concern and not to post on FB. She commented back that she will and also "It's not on *town name*. No need to get upset." Not really sure what that means but WTF. 

    I want to be done so bad. I haven't felt as committed this season and all these parents are making me want to walk away now. I do this all volunteer, AKA FOR FREE. 

    Add that to us dog sitting our friend's dog, who doesn't calm down, and gives FI crazy anxiety and I'm spent. I couldn't sleep last night because Piper was in her crate and Tessie kept going in to where she was and whining, causing Piper to growl and bark at Tess. 

    I need sleep and drinks. Heavy drinks.
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  • @LizzyTish88 I'm so sorry you have to deal with all these crazy parents! The thing that makes me the saddest is how it's probably affecting her kids - they probably have no idea why they keep getting pulled off the team and then put back on, etc. They probably just want to cheer!
  • @lizzytish88 omg that's ridiculous! And you showed a lot of restraint by not calling that parent out.  Personally, I would have said, "well, if you attended your child's practices you would see that we take safety very seriously."
  • @speakeasy14, gross. Good luck with alterations.

    @labro, happy birthday to Callie!

    @pambeesly524, I'm glad Crindy is doing well!
    Ellie had a couple teeth removed last week - that seems to have been the cause of her not eating. She is recovering well and is energetic enough to play again, so that's a good sign.

    I'm off to the lady-parts doctor on Monday; my periods have gotten irregular and I've missed at least one at this point (and no, I'm not pregnant). Unfortunately, I'm a hypochondriac and anxious in general, so good vibes please, even if it's just for me to calm my tits?
  • @AlPacina oh no what was misconstrued? 
  • @KeptInStitches - Sure, I'll send you some! *Sending tit calming vibes* ;)  I'm glad Ellie is doing well, too!

    @speakeasy14 - Basically that I was attacking. When really I was purposefully double checking my texts to make sure they sounded more like a request than a demand. But maybe in the back of my mind I AM demanding he do these things, haha. I think we've finally gotten on the same page.

  • @KeptInStitches all the vibes! 

    @alpacina that's good at least -- my issue is usually that texts fail to show my annoyance 
  • @labro - My GOSH!  Callie has grown so much!  Happy birthday to the sweet girl.

    @keptinstitches - Lady bit doctors are for the birds.  :(  Good luck.

    @AlPacina - Ugh, living in the land of indecision just sucks.  If you make decisions, will he just go along with them or not?

    @lizzytish88 - I would be done in your shoes too.  I'm sorry.

    @speakeasy14 - Does your seamstress have a lot of experience?  I'm sorry the dress is so f'd up.

    @pambeesly524 - I'm glad Crindy is doing ok!

    I'm exhausted.  Ani went to bed at 9, was up at 11, up at 2 and finally up at 5.  Rajah got massively sick yesterday too (I'm worried it was the pesticide treatment we had done).  He was up at 12, 1, 2, 3 AND 4.  So needless to say, no one slept well in our house.  I need a caffeine IV stat.
  • @minskat30 I hope everyone in your house decides to take long naps today!  My seamstress is amazing.  I've known her for 4 years, but she's been a seamstress for 40+ years. She's confident she can fix the issue.  Just frustrating that she has to in the first place when it really should have just needed to be hemmed.
  • @madamerwin I got it from a bridal shop, who ordered it from the designer.  All the bridesmaids ordered from different bridal shops and are having similar issues.  I'm not sure what (if anything) the bridal shop can do since they're really just the middle person. 
  • @minskat30 - It kind of depends what I'm making a decision on. I can buy whatever I want for the house, if I want to pay for the whole thing, haha, and he probably won't complain about it. It's the big stuff, especially anything that will cost him money, like a trip or furniture, that I think he just has to delay pulling the trigger on.

    His mom is ridiculously indecisive. And she never really does anything fun because of it....... So this is why I've started planning some trips with people that aren't my BF.

    @madamerwin - OMG! Anatomy ultrasound!!! That's so exciting!....... And seriously, it sounds like we're in the exact same boat with the texting, haha. I knew I wasn't the only one. And BF and I are both super sarcastic people which makes it even harder. But gah! Don't tell me I'm mad! You'll KNOW if I'm mad!

  • @madamerwin ah I missed that part! Good luck at the appointment today! What do you think you're having!?
  • @speakeasy14 I really think it's a boy... I'll be surprised if it's not, but I will be happy as long as it's healthy! H is hoping for a boy, MIL really wants a girl. H's family is very boy-heavy; he has two brothers and no sisters, his brother has two sons and no daughters, and he has three male cousins and only one female cousin. And his dad has a ton of male cousins, and very few (if any) female cousins. I think it would be fun to have the girl in the family, but we'll see :)
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