Wedding Woes


share your cute pet pics here! 

Sif (~1.5yo female bullmastiff) - taken last month:

Wiggles (~10.5yo puggle - 50/50 pug/beagle mix) + Wolverine - this picture was taken ~1 year ago, so she was almost 5 at the time. 
Hercules (~3.5yo hedgeblob - 1lb of pure fury pictured with the bank I painted): 

some of DK's tanks:

Re: pets/pics

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    I love her face in that second photo @ShesSoCold. It's the "Are you really taking a picture of this" look. 
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    @ShesSoCold :::DED::: at Edna in the pants. 
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    drglitter said:
    @kimmiinthemitten Toby is always dressed to party. Sometimes he even accessorizes.

    I just want to smooch that face!  Truman has a bow tie that he refuses to wear, and, well, he's the boss.
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    These are awesome.  I'm having issues finding any of mine right now.  I have Bennett, my 13 year old beagle and Zelda, my 8? 9? year old red heeler/lab mix. 

    And @AtomicBlonde, for some reason I always thought Toothless was a cat.  I have no idea why.
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    I'll post my furballs later but seriously after spending majority of the morning walking - this is great to see!
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