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It's still dreary here and I'm not liking it. I don't need it to be warm and sunny, I just wish it wasn't cold and damp. 

The pups were better last night, so that was good.

I really have nothing exciting going on at all...

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Re: Thursday

  • Happy National Coffee Day! Hope everyone gets a free coffee!
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    @lizzytish88 it's rainy and gross here today.  We started prepping the front porch to be painted and now won't be able to do anything until next week because it is supposed to rain all weekend. -- Did cheer go any better?

    @madamerwin hope the appointment went well and can't wait to find out the exciting news!!!

    I'm so excited, I'm going to an essential oil make & take class Friday night.  One of the women I help with cheerleading sells Doterra essential oils and is having a make and take party.  I mostly use essential oils for my migraines, so I'm really excited to learn about other uses!  It is mostly going to be spa stuff, but they also said they'd bring stuff for pets.
  • @madamerwin I second that! Did you find out what you are having?

    @speakeasy14 It went better. We finished the routine last night so for our next 7 practices we just have to focus on cleaning and make things synchronized. The order of appearance came out for our leagues and we are going against two tough teams so we will see how it goes. Have fun at your party! 
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  • @beachyone15 oooo enjoy all the food!!! I can't wait to hear all about your vacation too!
  • @madamerwin - A little boy! Man, you were right on the money!

    I also come from a family of huge heads. That's hilarious. Also scary to hear, considering you're the one pushing that huge head out of you, lol! Congratulations again!

  • @madamerwin Congratulations!!! And OMG that must have been terrifying to hear the doctor go so in depth about DS before explaining why.  Glad baby is just large headed! 
  • @speakeasy14 Thanks! I appreciate that he gave us such a thorough explanation of why we would see it flagged on our chart online, but I wish he had started with the caveat that he doesn't think we have an increased risk... Other than that, he had a great bedside demeanor, so I can't complain. 
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  • @madamerwin Yay boy!! I would have been really nervous hearing all that, but I'm glad he was just trying to be thorough!
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  • @PamBeesly524 I feel the same way about interns when we have them... Sometimes I feel like I am just trying to find SOMETHING for them to do. Maybe you can tell your director that while it was a good idea to get a contractor, you do not think that the extra person is needed, and maybe the company would be better off not spending that money when you and your coworker could handle the workload without them?
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  • @PamBeesly524 I find them expensive too.  I just figured it would be a good learning opportunity.  I actually get most of my oils from the organic grocery store.  Where do you get yours? 
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    @madamerwin I definitely think I'll say something along those lines. The issue is that our director is actually an acting director and isn't based in our location, so finding time with her is impossible. I've been so busy at work that just letting the contractor do whatever she finds to do has actually been easier for me at this point. Hopefully I can get it resolved soon.

    @speakeasy14 I get mine on amazon - I have NOW brand for lavender oil, but my mom got me a diffuser for my birthday in July and I bought the "best of the best" kit from Eden's Garden... They've been AWESOME and are definitely legit essential oils

    The kit is only $47 for 12 oils.. I think separately they are also pretty reasonable depending on the oil. They have a lot of other fun kits too that I might eventually try, including oils that are already mixed for certain ailments.

    ETA: Totally makes sense to go for the learning opportunity - i bet there are some good mixtures to try!
  • @madamerwin Congratulations!! That's a strange conversation, but man some doctors can be super awkward when explaining things. 
    @speakeasy14 I want to learn more about essential oils, but mainly because I want to use them to make soaps and bath bombs and stuff. I have a couple people on my FB friends list who are oil pushers and they drive me insane with "Omg check out this oil blend that CURES EVERYTHING!" 
    @beachyone15 YAY VACATION

    HAPPY COFFEE DAY! I am currently downing an awesome coffee beverage from a local coffee shop and a plum walnut muffin that is TO DIE FOR. 

    I've started decorating my house for Halloween. I'm sort of giving it a Haunted Mansion (Disney ride, for you non-Disney obsessed folks) theme... like, really loosely, because I don't have the money to make it super cool. As of now there are no Haunted Mansion references, but that shall come soon and I'll surely post photos once my decorating is complete. For now I just have lights in my windows and one of my railings. Last night I came home after dark and squealed with delight when I saw my lights on. I'm so glad I set up timers!

    In sad news, a good friend of mine from high school just lost her 2.5 month old son to SIDS the other day. I'm devastated for her. She had a hard time getting pregnant with him, and when she found out she was pregnant I was one of the first people she told. She was so excited when she found out he was a he (she has a 3 year old daughter too), and spent months trying to select the perfect name for him. He looked just like she did as a baby. It's so freaking sad and I want to do something but I don't know how to reach out. She lives far away so I can't physically be there for the memorial service. It's just so freakin sad and makes me angry that SIDS is a thing. :(:'( 

  • @wink0erin I can't stand any of the people on my fb that push oils, wraps, clothes, weight loss stuff.  If I'm interested, I'll reach out to you.  I really hope by going to this class, I haven't signed up to get constant messages about what I should be buying. -- I'm so sorry about your friend.  Since you can't be there in person for her, I'd send a heartfelt card and a memorial plant.  Or maybe arrange to have some kind of food delivered?
  • @madamerwin, congratulations!

    @speakeasy14, have fun at the party!

    @beachyone15, have fun in Seattle/Portland!

    @wink0erin, you'll have to share photos! Also, condolences to your friend.
    Week. Where did it go?

    Tonight is for football. Maybe I will knit. I would like to knit. Or I'll play Chip's Challenge ($2 on Steam for childhood puzzle-solving happiness).

    Tomorrow my mom and I are having supper together.

    Saturday I'm at a bridal shower for my FSIL in her hometown, where it is supposed to be 72* high and we're probably all in a garage. I have no clue what to wear.

    Sunday is for football and blocking - I have three triangular shawls that I suspect are going to be a bitch.
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