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TK was being weird this morning and not letting me post so I hope this works..

I'm so glad it's Friday!! The cheer kids did their routine last night and aside from the dance that they learned the night before, they killed the rest of it so I am hoping this momentum keeps up!

Tonight FI has a pizza party at work so it will be me and the pups for a bit. I have to do a deep clean of the house and my car so I might start trying to work on that. Other than that, I am just hanging out.

Tomorrow I will clean too. Piper is getting picked up by her parents some time in the afternoon. Saturday night FMIL is taking us, my parents and her brother out for a nice dinner. She picked a nicer place and said she wants to treat for an "Engagement celebration!" I think this means she is coming around. I have called her a few times to involve her in things, like inviting her to the Bridal show we are going to in a few weeks and I think this made her more excited.

Sunday I have a game and then home to hang and watch football. Should be a nice relaxing day! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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  • @LizzyTish88 That's awesome that your cheer kids are nailing their routine! When I saw the word "pizza" I realized how much I was craving it today, apparently. Did I miss a post about your FMIL? I didn't realize she needed to "come around"... Is she giving you guys a hard time about the engagement or something?

    TGIF indeed! Hoping to go for a walk at lunch with some co workers if the rain holds out. Tonight after work a friend and I are driving to Albany to visit a friend from college. Should be a fun weekend despite the rain! Somehow I also have to fit in a 10ish mile run - half marathon is next weekend!

    In the meantime, I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! I'll be lurking and love-titting!

  • @PamBeesly524 FMIL just didn't seem too thrilled about the engagement. She was the one picked us up at the airport when we got back from our trip and barely discussed it at all. I realize that no one will be as excited as we are, but I thought she might show some interest. She is now though so that's good!

    @labro BOOOO!! Hope everything's going okay for you.
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  • @LizzyTish88 That's great about the kids with their routine! I'm glad to hear that your FMIL is showing some interest now. It sounds like it will be a fun weekend! 

    @PamBeesly524 have fun! Also you will be up in our (me and @GoldenPenguin's) neck of the woods! There are some great areas to run up here too! 

    @labro I hope everything gets better soon and that you are alright! 

    Yay I finally get to play! I get every other Friday off, so that is probably when I will be able to talk from now on. My new job is going really well. My coworkers are great and I get along with them really well, and I find the work really interesting. I also am walking at least a few miles a day to inspect equipment, which is a nice change from sitting behind a desk for 12+ hours a day. The work itself is also great for my career, as it can easily be applicable pretty much anywhere that has electricity, so no matter what happens I should be able to find a job. While I want to stay there for a very long time, you just never know, and being too specialized was something that always stressed me out about my previous job. 

    Today I am making some phone calls to set up dentist and doctor appointments, cleaning our apartment, and running a few errands. Tomorrow one of my coworkers is coming over and we are going to study for the FE together, since neither of us ever took it. She also loves to drink wine and doesn't have a "wine buddy" as she calls it, so once we get sick of studying we are probably just going to hang out and drink wine. I'm really looking forward to it. No plans for Sunday yet. 

  • @lizzytish88, have fun with your FMIL and good luck cleaning!

    @pambeesly524, have fun with your friend!

    @aurorarose41, glad you like your new job!
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    @lizzytish88 I hope they keep the momentum up too! Have fun this weekend! I'm glad she's showing excitement now.

    @labro ugh, hopefully you can play next week! Drink lots of wine this weekend!

    @pambeesly524 hopefully the rains holds out for a little.  It's already pouring here.  Enjoy your girls' weekend!

    @aurorarose41 glad the new job is going well and that you now have a wine buddy!

    We're having a baby shower for one of my coworkers today.  I need to run out this afternoon to get food, I really don't want to go out in the rain again though.

    Tonight is the oils class.  I really hope it is nice and that I learn a lot.

    This weekend will mostly be cleaning and laundry.  About an hour away a Whole Foods just opened, so my mom and I might go check it out.  In the same plaza is a Nordstrom Off The Rack.  

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  • I'm here in and out.. I am researching venues!!!! I think our dinner this weekend is going to include deciding on a budget so I am researching away!!

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    Some make me go

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    and some have made me go

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  • I posted this this morning and it NEVER POSTED

    @labro this love-titting that you speak of sounds fascinating....

    @LizzyTish88 Really? ugh, that's super frustrating. I also think that no one will be AS excited as you two are, but if anyone will be ALMOST as excited as you, it should be the parents!

  • @speakeasy14 I'll be back next week...crying in my office probably...but back. 
  • @minskat30 love that you will be back, not that you'll be sad and missing A
  • @speakeasy14 I go back to work next Wednesday so like @minskat30 I'll be in my office... pumping, bawling, and knotting!! 



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