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I am looking into bridesmaids and men's gifts, and I'm thinking for the ladies one of the fragrant jewel candles that has a ring in it and a giftcard to their favorite store. 

Is giving a giftcard for a bridesmaid gift tacky (even if it's paired with a wrapable gift?)

Re: giftcards?

  • I've always wanted one myself.  I COULD be giving someone a $10,000.00 ring.  You're welcome, whoever you are. 

  • I don't think they're tacky.
  • Gift cards aren't tacky at all, especially for their favorite stores. Also, those candles sound fabulous.
  • Thanks, ladies! I actually found some necklace candles (I'd much prefer a necklace) that could have a $5,000 dollar necklace in them, so I'm excited!  Now we have to find the groomen's gifts. Buying for men is so difficult. 

  • Do you mean Charmed Aroma?

    You don't HAVE to do candle. I got soap, there is body butter, exfoliating scrub and bath bombs ;) I got the soap and a friend of mine has done the candle and bath bomb. All very good.
  • I hear you, @CharmedPam! My father is super easy to buy for (anything that he can eat, drink, smoke, or wear is a safe bet if he didn't ask for something specific), but most of the other men I know are not.

    Gift cards should be OK for the men too. For example, a gas card for someone who drives a lot.
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