Tailor recs for illusion/beaded dress?

Hi all - I'm thinking about buying a sample size dress off the rack at a 50% discount. Only issue it's a 12, and I'd need it brought in to be about an 8 in bridal, or even smaller. (If I were ordering I'd order an 8 and alter from there.)

Anyone have recommendations in Chicago (the city) for tailors who can adjust dresses that much -- and/or anyone have opinions on whether it would even work or be possible to alter a dress that much?

Here is a photo of the dress - note the illusion back + beaded top:

Re: Tailor recs for illusion/beaded dress?

  • After looking at the dress - order it in an 8 and save the cost of the alterations which is going to be more than the "50% off" and I'm not sure you'll be happy because it's going to change the dress considerably to alter it instead of just having it in the right size...
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