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Fall honeymoon - Canada recommendations!!

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My fiancé and I are looking for both an adventurous honeymoon as well as a relaxing/spa honeymoon. We don't want to go abroad. We want to keep it to U.S. and Canada. We will be going on our honeymoon in the month of October. Like to keep budget to below 5,000, but could stretch to 7,000 if absolutely wonderful. Will be flying from East Coast. Please send recommendations!!!!

Re: Fall honeymoon - Canada recommendations!!

  • So, Canada would be "abroad"/international for you and you will need a passport. Just wanted to make sure you understood that. 

    I've always wanted to check out Banff and stay at the Fairmont. There are lots of Canadian knotties on here who can give you some awesome recommendations, though!


  • Banff is fantastic. I'd also consider PEI/Nova Scotia, especially if you are going early October. Keltic Lodge is incredible. Vancouver is very interesting as well. 
  • If you want to stay close, try Quebec City.  It's one of my favourite cities in the country.  Very European feeling.  

    Ditto Banff/Jasper if you want the mountains, plus you can hit up the Hot Springs in either town, or the Spa at the Fairmont hotels.  Fly into Calgary for Banff, Edmonton for Jasper, or drive between the 2.  Lots to see and do in the area

    Vancouver is also cool, and will be warmer.  You could try and combine that with Seattle, which we did last summer.  

    Let us know what you decide and we can give you more detailed info depending on the location

  • I love the mountains.

    Canmore is right near Banff and is significantly cheaper for lodging. You can drive into Banff and enjoy all the restaurants and experiences and then head back to Canmore for the night.

    Lake Louise is absolutely picturesque. It can be pricey for lodging but the Fairmont Lake Louise is worth it. We go 2x a year and love it. They have a fantastic spa and amazing Swiss style restaurant.

    You could also spend a few days in Jasper.

    The coast is pretty, but may be better suited to spring/summer when you can take full advantage of the water activities.

    Agree with @WinstonsGirl that if you provide a few more details, us Canadian knotties can give you some better recommendations.

  • Another vote for Banff/Lake Louise and/or Jasper.

    Hiking, skiing, hot springs, and some gorgeous hotels (you can go cheaper, or you can go Fairmont- all three towns have a Fairmont hotel). Now, October in Alberta is dicey- sometimes it a cool beautiful fall, other years you've got snow (like this year!). Maybe you'll like that though, and can get in some snow shoeing and skiing.

    Anywhere BC is beautiful, but if you stick to the south, it will still be fairly "warm". Beautiful fall weather. There is Vancouver Island, Vancouver, and some small towns outside of Van closer towards AB where there is great wine country (Okanagan).

    Another option is to do a bit of all of the above- easy to drive between Jasper/Banff/ Canmore/ Vancouver/ Whistler, and take the ferry to Vancouver Island. Or, as said above, you can pair Vancouver with Seattle and/or Portland.

    Quebec City is beautiful. The old city is like being in Europe. Montreal is also a fabulous city- very trendy with restaurants, bars, and clubs along with some touristy stuff, and great for cycling.

    The east coast has beautiful fall foliage.

    All depends on what kind of vacation you'd like to have (active vs. relax) and what you're most interested in (winter sports, city venues, something warmer).
  • I would go to Mackinac Island, Michigan.   http://www.mackinac.com/

  • I definitely recommend Banff (that's where I'm getting married). We're doing the wedding and staying at the Rimrock, its not quite the Fairmont, but its beautiful and built into the side of the mountain. Its also super close to the gondola and the hot springs.

    I also highly recommend Quebec. If you're interested in the mountains, Mont Tremblant is a beautiful little mountainy resort town and is fairly close to Montreal so you could spend time at both. Montreal has so much history and is very tourist friendly even if you don't speak French. I can't speak for Quebec City, as I haven't been there, but its definitely on my list of places to go. 

    If you like cities, Toronto is beautiful and there is so much to do. They also usually have great weather this time of year. (I'm in AB and have my snow boots and winter coat in use, my mom is in the Toronto area and is still in her flip flops).

    Vancouver is also incredible but I don't know if I would recommend it for this time of year. We stayed in a beautiful hotel overlooking downtown and the ocean/mountains, and we couldn't see a damn thing because it was so foggy. We paid a ton extra for an "ocean view" room, and we were greeted with a wall of grey fog.

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