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I hope this works.. TK was being wonky yesterday. 

This week is almost halfway over! My new boss started Monday and so far so good! It's such a breathe of fresh air to have someone who actually works and acknowledges you! So thankfully the work part of life is getting better!

Cheer is still nuts. We have a big meeting tomorrow night and I have a feeling it will go horribly and I might not even have a team after it. At this point I'm 100% okay with that.

We have two venue tours on Saturday and I'm currently trying to schedule a third. We have narrowed down to three places. I already have #2 and #3 scheduled and am hoping to get into our #1 choice too! I'm so excited I can't stand it!!

That's about it for me. What's going on with everyone else?

@minskat30 How is being back to work? I'm sure it's terrible, but are you and Ani adjusting?
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Re: Wednesday

  • I am working from home-actually my mom's house. She is off on Wednesdays and watches the baby while I work remotely It's a nice set up. Wish it was all the time instead of just Wednesdays!
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    @LizzyTish88 ooOoO what venues are you looking at?! Are they in our area?

    Literally nothing to report. Work is absolutely awful, just trying to make it through. Half marathon on Sunday!

    ETA: One more thing to report. H and I have been talking seriously lately about trying to purchase a house after he finishes his PhD and gets a job. We sat down this week and worked out a budget for 2017 and we are going to give it a trial run this month to see how attainable it is. I'm excited that we are challenging ourselves to manage our money better, and I hope it works!

    @minskat30 welcome back! Hugs to you and Ani, I hope you find a nanny soon!
  • @LizzyTish88 – What do you think has been the breaking point for the team? Just lack of effort? Are parents still being an issue? I want to hear about your potential venues! Even if you don’t pick one.

    @PamBeesly524 – How many halfs will you have done after this? My running has decreased significantly since the heat helps wear out my dog on its own. Starting to get cold though, so I need to step it up. Good luck with your budgeting! Owning a house is the greatest.


    Yesterday was one of those days where I would come on TK and then immediately someone would stop by and pull me away for this or that. It was irritating.

    I dropped BF off this morning at the airport. He’s only been home since Friday night and they’re already sending him back to Alaska for another week. I miss him so much while he’s gone! I just get super stoned and lazy and don’t do anything interesting. Not because I can’t do stuff without him, but because he’s just the main guy I do stuff with, you know? Plus, my bestie is leaving for a week on Saturday, so I can’t use her for fun either.

    But hopefully this weekend I’ll be seeing @beachyone15!

    Oh, and thanks to the ladies on here raving about Lularoe I ended up doing an online pop-up party last night and have some really cute stuff heading my way!

  • @AlPacina This will be my 4th half - 3rd this year. I also have my name in for a lottery for the Boston Marathon so I hope I get that! That sucks that your bf is going away again... H is going away to Germany for two weeks in Nov. and I will likely be just as lazy and sad. I have girlfriends too but it's just not the same, plus they have things going on too.

    So funny, I actually just got black leggings from LulaRoe - I love them! I'm not super into their other styles - loud prints aren't really my thing, but everything looks so comfy. I might check back every now and then to see what kind of solid stuff they have.
  • @lizzytish88 - Sucks doesn't even begin to describe it.  My entire body aches every time I think of her.  Ani isn't eating well either at daycare.  Kiddo normally eats 25 or so ounces a day and she's down to maybe half of that if we are lucky.  We are hunting hard for a nanny.

    @PamBeesly524 - Thanks, I do too.  I'm hoping to stop daycare this week if at all possible.  
  • @PamBeesly524 - Realistically I got mostly solid colored clothing items. I did get a pretty cool blue and yellow top though. That's about as exciting as I am.

    But I did buy a pair of crazy pink and purple leggings that I told myself are for my little sister for Christmas, but if I can pull them off I'm totally keeping them. Even just to wear around the house! They have unicorns on them!

    @minskat30 - *HUGS* That's got to be heartbreaking! It's the curse of being a mama. You just care too damn much.

  • @lizzytish88 I want venue details too! We need to live vicariously through you now!! Oh, advice for the bridal show: create an email that's just for wedding stuff.  My sister got married two years ago, and is still getting emails from the bridal show we went to before her wedding.  Also, ugh with all the cheer issues.

    @minskat30 all the hugs, I really hope you find a nanny soon and that Ani starts eating more.

    @pambeesly524 Fingers and toes crossed for the Boston Marathon.  My cousin has been selected twice, she's one of those run in a snowstorm kind of people. I don't know how we're related because I do not have that kind of motivation at all haha

    @alpacina hopefully this is the last time they send him away for awhile

    @jstump2 that's awesome that you can have that arrangement with your mom
  • @PamBeesly524 I can PM you the venues! I hope things get better at work!

    @AlPacina It's both the kids and parents. The kids still aren't trying and now they've begun to not show up and the parents are posting pictures bragging that the kids aren't there and it's "not the end of their cheer career" because by the Pop Warner rules we can't punish them or kick them off. It's all stupid drama and a waste of time.

    @minskat30 Huge hugs coming your way!! I hope for everyone's sake you guys have luck finding a nanny soon. 
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  • @speakeasy14 I had heard from people here to create an email for just wedding stuff so I did that! It's also what I've been using to communicate with the venues too. Thanks for the tip! 
    friends tv show funy

  • @AlPacina It's both the kids and parents. The kids still aren't trying and now they've begun to not show up and the parents are posting pictures bragging that the kids aren't there and it's "not the end of their cheer career" because by the Pop Warner rules we can't punish them or kick them off. It's all stupid drama and a waste of time. 

  • @lizzytish88 seriously!?!? You'd think the parents would be making their kids go, it isn't exactly cheap to be on a team.
  • @AlPacina @GoldenPenguin Did you guys see this Biden video posted yesterday?!? SWOON. 
  • @PamBeesly524 - No, I had not seen that, but it was great! And that's an amazing campaign. I'll have to spread the video around.

    Both of those guys are freaking fantastic!

  • My sister was bored so she stopped by my office with my niece! Ah that was awesome!
  • @lizzytish88, I'm gonna need venue tour updates!

    @pambeesly524, good luck with the early house hunt stages!

    @minskat30, big hugs.

    @speakeasy14, yay for seeing your sister and niece!
    Some lab work today for me. I already got some results back (fastest doctor ever) - the results appear benign from everything I can understand, but they don't explain the symptoms I'm seeing. Ah well. Perhaps there's something in the other lab work that can help.
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