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Anyone here had jaw surgery?

So I'm having lower jaw surgery next year to correct my bite and I'm wondering if anyone who has had something similar done can tell me (vaguely) how long I should expect to be out of work (I basically just work a normal office-type job).

My surgeon has been very hesitant to say anything other than "it varies"- which I totally understand- but I'm just looking for a general range/average. I obviously realize everyone's body reacts differently etc. etc. Any guidance to be found here, or do I need to get pushy with my doctor about giving me a timeline :P? 

Re: Anyone here had jaw surgery?

  • My sister had hers done and her jaw was wired shut for almost 3 months. She had both her upper and lower done, though. 
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    I think it depends on your job.  Something physically active is going to take you a lot longer than a desk job where you can maybe just type all day and limit any verbal communication.  My cousin-in-law had jaw surgery and I think he was wired shut for 3-4 months, and out of work for a couple of weeks.  For reference, he works for a package delivery service, so his job involves a lot of physical labor.  

    ETA: And remember, everyone is different.  Depending on the surgery, they might not have a great idea of what recovery time will be like until they get in there and see what they're working with.  Recovery time also depends on how fast you heal and how well you adhere to therapy/meds/etc.  

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