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Tuesday that feels like Monday

This place is still a ghost town but I am here!

This weekend was nice. Friday night we ran some errands and grabbed dinner. It was a nice relaxing night out. 

Saturday morning we did two venue tours. One place was really nice and is still a top contender. The other place we looked at was awful and the coordinator was not great. He talked 5000 miles a minute and answered all our questions with "that is outlined in the packet." Thank pal, I can read but thought I'd ask you. Add that to the distance of the place and overall feel and it's off the list. We are going to look at our number 1 place next Monday night. I am really hoping for good news at that one!

Saturday night was FI's work "Christmas" party. They do an end of the summer party now since the holidays are crazy, but the head honcho came over and wished everyone a Merry Christmas which was funny. It was great to hear some of the higher ups commend FI. I also got introduced at his FI all night and it was awesome!

Sunday morning we were both hung over thanks to the open bar the night before. I had a game in the pouring rain. We set the kids up under this huge umbrella and had them yell but not do the movements. It was okay. I'm sure the parents were pissed but Pop Warner rules say that if there is a game the cheerleaders have to be there, rain or shine. 

Sunday afternoon I watched the return of Brady which was awesome. Other than that, I kicked it around the house with Tess and my parent's dog. FI went out with BWW with a buddy.

Yesterday I did more hanging out. At one point I wanted to get out of the house so I drove all the way to Michael's (not really far, 15ish minutes) spent a half hour looking around and got in line to realize I forgot my wallet at home. I had to put everything back and head home to get it. I then ran to the grocery store and came back home to clean and do laundry. I got a lot accomplished so that was good.

Now I'm at work. I love short weeks and I hope this one flies by!
friends tv show funy

Re: Tuesday that feels like Monday

  • @lizzytish88  I still can't believe how rude that guy was!  Did you end up going back to Michaels? What were you going to get?

    Last night we went over to my bf's parents' house to help them with some crafts.  They had a birch tree that fell over so offered to make the centerpieces for the wedding.  His mom then decided that she wanted birch candles all throughout the house and store, so we made 40 candle holders last night (only need 20 for wedding).  They still have a lot of logs, so I would not be surprised if they end up with over 100.

    Tonight we're painting my front porch. Hopefully the temperatures do not drop too much overnight and the paint can dry with no issue.
  • @speakeasy14 No I didn't go back. I was so annoyed haha. It was a planner with all these embellishments. I was also going to get an add-on to it for wedding planning. I looked online for it today and the price is up and there is no more coupon so it's one that got away. I hope the weather cooperates for you!
    friends tv show funy
  • @LizzyTish88 Oh man, I hate when that happens! I've had a couple times where I drive out to the store or someplace only to realize I don't have my purse or wallet. One time I asked an employee if I could store my basket to the side and come back and they allowed it. Usually I just give up though. 

    Yesterday I did absolutely nothing and it was amazing. I lounged in sweats all day, knitted, watched Netflix, and made rice krispie treats. Today there is a contractor at my house installing a new french drain and patio. Work should last through the week and part of next week. I am SO excited to finally have a patio! (And less excited to deal with the water drainage, but that was necessary.)

  • @speakeasy14 - That's awesome that they're trying to use the tree for something cool, though! That's not my family's style, so I'm super impressed! I hope the paint dries for you!

    @LizzyTish88 - Boo to the lame-o coordinator! Not a great impression, for sure. I remember our first house tour, we had a realtor that was pretty young and new to her company, and she didn't try to sell us on anything. I was like, is this how realtors work? I didn't think this was how they work......... It was just her. Once we switched I was so thankful! (I'm also glad Brady's back. I think Gronk might finally be worth something in fantasy football!)

    @wink0erin - I can't wait to see your patio!


    My weekend was low key, so I don't have much to talk about. My BF's flight got changed and he came back late Friday night, then we stayed up until about 4 just hanging out and watching space station tour videos, haha. Most of the rest of the weekend was spent with him playing Mafia III, and me watching, because that game is like a movie.

    Today I'm planning on paying off my auto loan! I'm so excited!

  • @AlPacina woohoo that's awesome! One less debt! This is what they're making:
    Image result for birch candle holders They are really pretty, it just cracks me up how overboard his parents are going with them.  But hey, we're all getting along right now, so I'll take it as a win!

    @wink0erin can't wait to see the patio once it's all done! 

    @lizzytish88 that sucks that the price went up.  I keep wanting to get a planner to keep a log of my workouts and what I eat.  And then I forget until someone else brings up a planner haha 

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