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we are trying to cut costs and the flowers seem to be one of the easiest one to do. I'm fine with making my own bouquets,  boutonnieres and center pieces. Had any had any good experience with wholesale flower companies and which ones?

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  • I used Costco for my previous wedding and thought they were quite good. 
    I ordered the flowers to arrive two days before hand and some family and friends volunteered to help me arrange them into vases. They were kept in a cold room until brought to the reception venue on the day of. 
    They also made simple rose bouquets for the bridesmaids for me. 
  • My SIL has used Global Rose for a number of family weddings with really nice results.  Like PP, she arranges for the flowers to be delivered a few days before the ceremony and then keep them cool/refrigerated until they are needed.

    I will say that SIL is super talented and is a crafter by nature so she had a lot of the other supplies (cutters, tape, water picks, all that) that make arranging flowers and creating bouquets etc. easy, already on hand.  If you don't already have those items, particularly the vases for centerpieces, it can sometimes be worth it to take your flower budget to a florist and see what can be done.  Sometimes, if you are willing to go simple, use seasonal flowers and greenery and give the florist more latitude, you can do a lot with even a small budget.

  • I used blooms by the box and found the most to be really professional, and the price for flowers and supplies was really reasonable. I ordered them to arrive two days before the wedding, and my mom offered to help me prep them and store them in buckets in my cool, dry basement. I did quite a bit of internet research to check how to keep each kind of flower in the best condition after prepping and made sure to order a few extra of each bloom, which I then used the overflow for tiny centerpieces. I arranged the bouquets the day before with the help of a friend (volunteer!). If you have lots of extra free time in the few days before your wedding, it's doable, but it is super time consuming. 
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    I used flowermoxie.com for mine and was very happy.
  • Sam's Club, FTD, Costco, and a couple others offer wedding packages of flowers - all you need to do is chop off the bottom and place the flowers in water for a few hours before the wedding.  This is BY FAR the way to go as it's still time consuming (and messy!), but it's not even remotely the work nor expense of DIY them yourselves.  Bouts/corsages come premade, you're golden!  I'd recommend rubbermaid/sterlite type storage bins for the water since they're lower topped than 5-gallon buckets.  
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  • If you live in a place with a farmers market, and you don't mind putting them together yourself, buy wholesale from there. My wedding was filled with peonies and hydrangeas and our flower budget came out to be less than $100
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  • @RuNata - this thread is 7mo and referred to as a "Zombie Thread" - please check the dates before replying or if you've got a question relating to go ahead and start a new thread.  
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    misty413 said:
    I love to look at the DIY videos and try to recreate them. I found a great one that I used at my wedding - here. It turned out really nice!
    @misty413, Welcome to The Knot.  

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