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Updates on my husband (with "reception" pics)

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We have been busy bees the last few months... I haven't done a great job updating you guys on how my husband is doing, so I thought I'd share a quick (er... or not... I'm longwinded) update!

He has his full-time, fancy new prosthesis with hydraulics and microprocessors and all kinds of cool stuff. He is walking very well, still with a cane, but has very good form. This is totally awesome because, I think I've mentioned, we were told in the hospital that he would not be able to walk! He is really doing well. We go a few places without his chair, now, like to restaurants or some appointments. We also recently took a shopping trip to Walmart without his chair, and he walked for over an hour straight! He was pouring sweat at the end, but he did a great job. 

He was cleared to drive, woohoo!, with two pieces of adaptive equipment - steering knob and turn signal extender. He drives himself to therapy now, and it's a joy to see how much he loves driving alone! (And I can't stand his driving so it's a win win for me too ;) hehe)

There has been no change to his arm - still no feeling and no movement. BUT! This Thursday (a week from today) he will have surgery to transfer some donor nerve into his bicep, which if successful may restore his ability to bend his elbow! This would be a HUGE improvement! They will also attempt to repair any of the damaged nerves as best they can, if those grow back successfully he may have some sensation returned to his arm. The prognosis for anything returning to his wrist, hand, and fingers is next to nothing, unfortunately. Although... he has proved prognoses wrong at pretty much every step of the way so far, so we'll see! The only bad thing about this surgery is that you don't know if it's successful for weeks or months. They said that wherever he is in two years, that will be what he gets back for good. So it could be months without seeing any results, and it will be hard to not know if that's because it didn't work, or if it's just we need to wait longer for the nerves to grow. GRR! 

In September, the person who hit him was convicted of reckless driving and sentenced to a year in jail with no time suspended. The person has since appealed but we are confident it will be upheld. This was a difficult process for my husband, but emotionally rewarding. 

We're both in school, and I'm going full-time. It's a wonderful outlet for me. It brings some of its own stress, but it's a good stress that I feel mostly in control of. And it lets us both have alone time without me feeling selfish. Plus, the feeling of working towards my goal that I had before the accident, and the sense of accomplishment I get from earning good grades, have both really helped me cope with life lately!

We have a new niece and nephew - my two brothers each had a baby within 2.5 weeks of one another! We're childfree ourselves, but we LOVE our new babies and it's been a lot of fun to have other, more positive kinds of "drama" in our lives!

And, we finally got our ducks in a row with everything and will be having the reception/celebration party for our wedding this Saturday!

Overall, things are good. His independence is skyrocketing, which is awesome. But the more emotional traumas are beginning to surface, and after we get through the surgery next week, we will both be in counseling individually as well as together. We're doing fine, it's not a "do we want to stay married" kind of counseling, just trying to learn to cope with the changes as well as all the stuff that goes on in a marriage even without severe injuries. There's nothing in our life that wasn't changed when he got hurt, and it's just a lot to deal with. But considering where we were this spring and summer... we're doing pretty damn awesome. :)
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Re: Updates on my husband (with "reception" pics)

  • I wish I could love this post more than once, so much good stuff here! So glad you're both in school and doing things for you. After all you guys have been through its fantastic that you are working toward something new and exciting. 

    Hope you have an amazing time at the party this weekend!
  • This news is awesome. Your husband is remarkable, as are you! I pray for the best possible outcome from his surgery. Have fun and enjoy your celebration with your family and friends.

  • Spock, this is such tremendous news to wake up to!  I am so glad you've found an outlet for yourself and that life seems to be becoming a new normal. I hope your party this weekend is amazingly fun and good luck with the surgery next week!  (Hugs)
  • You guys are an amazing couple!  I'm especially glad to hear of your husband's increasing independence for both of you.  Good luck on the surgery, congrats on the babies, and enjoy your party this Saturday!  :)
  • Such amazing news! Thanks for keeping us updated. 


  • I'm so happy for both of you!! And kudos to you for going back to school -- it seems like a very rewarding experience so far.  Excellent news on your wedding --- what are you wearing?!  You better be sharing photos with us afterwards :)

  • So much good news in that post!!  That is absolutely thrilling he is able to walk some and can drive again.

    I also remember how stressed out you were at the prospect of going back to school f/t, along with everything else on your plate.  I'm so glad to hear it has been a very positive, though busy, experience so far.  Sounds like you are managing things really well.

    Enjoy the party on Saturday!

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  • I'm so so happy for you!!! Thank you for sharing this awesome update :)
  • I am thrilled to hear about all the positive things you have going on right now! Enjoy your party, good luck with school, and sending all sorts of good vibes and positive thoughts your way for nerve growth!

  • Thanks for the update! That's so awesome he is walking now after the initial prognosis. 
  • I was just thinking about you the other day.  Thank you for this update and such wonderful news! Have fun at your celebration party

  • Wonderful news about your H's overall health!  I hope it only continues to improve! 
  • This is such welcome news! I think you two have done an amazing job adjusting to your new life, and the fact that you are both seeking therapy to help you as you go speaks to how committed you both are to not letting this define you. Long may it continue! 
  • I was just thinking about you today!  Great news!  Enjoy your party!
  • That's great to hear so much good news from you. Have a wonderful celebration on Saturday.
  • This absolutely made my day! Hugs to you and H!
  • Thank you, everyone :)<3 I will definitely post some pictures of tonight!

    We completed the preop appointments yesterday and learned that H has to follow a 5-day anti-infection cleansing routine, complete with nose swab, mouthwash, and shower gel. His nerve surgery qualifies as neurosurgery and apparently that is one of the riskiest ones for infection. So... the more you know! 
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  • So awesome!

    Glad to hear everything is going well for you BOTH. Enjoy your celebration!
  • I'm so glad that the party went so well! Can't wait to see more pictures!
  • Sounds like a fantastic time!  I can't wait to see more pics.
  • So glad you two finally got to celebrate with all your friends and family! Sounds like it was a great time! 
  • Glad the party went well! Love those table flowers.
  • I'm really glad things are getting so much better. And I'm glad you guys had a great time at your party! You two seriously deserve it!
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  • Thanks for the update. I'm glad things are improving for you both.
  • So happy things went well and y'all enjoyed yourselves! Your H looks  great!
  • yea great pics! sounds like a lovely party
  • Glad to hear it was such a wonderful party!  Sounds amazing.  Your tables are so cute with the little pumpkins and pretty flowers.
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