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So...this place bit the bullet while I was away on leave... why did everyone leave?

I came back to work yesterday and cried so much dropping off E at daycare. Then I got home and cried because he didn't smile at me and didn't even care that I was home. It was so sad. lol. I hate being back at work, I hate daycare, I want to just quit and snuggle him forever but we can't afford it. So how are you?



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  • Ok....F this. I've had to sign in 5 times now each time I try to post & comment. I was halfway done the "October" thread and it deleted on me. No wonder people are leaving, this is super obnoxious already. :(



  • Hey @jenna8984 Sorry your first day back was a drag. It's almost the weekend so you can have some major snuggle time with E.

    Not too much going on here. Trying to adjust to our new boss. It's going well so far so that's good.

    Tonight all the pop warner teams and the high school team are doing a showcase of their routines. It's usually a great night so I can't wait to see all the teams perform their stuff!
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    @jenna8984 I think that's exactly why it has become a ghost town here.  It usually takes me about three or four attempts to be able to post, and that's days I am able to log in.  --- I'm sorry your first day back was rough.  Hopefully it gets better soon for you and @minskat30

    We're halfway through painting our front porch and it already is making the house look 100x better.   All that is left are the stairs, railing, and floor.  I'll make sure to get pictures later.

    I got my bridesmaid dress back yesterday! After three fittings, and intense alterations it finally fits!!! And my seamstress is freaking amazing and only charged me $65 even though she had redo all the stitching.  Now I can get excited for next week! 
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