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  • After having my 5th kid in January, I had my tubes tied in March.  No more babies!  Well, my period is 9 days late this month. I so desperately don't want to be pregnant, so I'm hiding out in the land of denial until after thanksgiving.  I know it's unlikely, but I'm still freaked.  Each of my other kids were conceived while on some form of birth control, including depo (1st) and mirena (4th), so clearly my uterus doesn't give a fuck what I think
    How are you doing?
    Pregnant and pissed.  Not only can we hardly afford a 6th kid, my uterus is so fucked up from the last 2 pregnancies that I'll likely spend the majority on bedrest again.  (haven't seen a doctor yet, just basing the bedrest thought over how the last 2 went)  I feeling like spending all week in bed sobbing and eating ice cream.
    I'm sorry. Hugs. It sound like crying and all of the ice cream are definite musts right now.  <3
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  • Sorry.  I've been hiding from life, so I missed all the responses.  Thanks ladies.  

    This might be a good thing. Maybe.  My BFF has been trying for years, and as of 7 months ago has started looking into adoption.  FI and I are going to take a month or three to discuss bringing up the subject with her.  Maybe we'll decide we can't, but I won't mention it to her until we are sure.  If she's not on board, well, I'll have a 6th kid to snuggle.

    Wow!  Keep us updated.

    I can see it like, "Great, what a perfect and logical solution to two problems."  But then, our emotions don't always understand logic.  Nor should they.  That's a lot for you and your H to think about.  I hope you all are very happy with your decision, whatever it may be.

    This is why I want to make sure to take a few months to think about it. I don't want to give my friend any ideas unless we are 100% certain.  One way or another, it will work itself out.
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