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HELP!!!! Punta Cana Wedding

I need advice!! Did anyone host or attend a wedding in Punta Cana recently? I am currently stuck between the Paradisus Resort and The Melia Caribe. I love the different wedding locals that the Paradisus offers but I have heard so many good things about Caribe. We are looking for an intimate wedding but we also love to party so I would love a hotel that offers both. Any advice welcome including other hotels. Thank you so much!!


Re: HELP!!!! Punta Cana Wedding

  • I haven't been to Punta Cana, but my previous job was in the travel industry booking group travel so I am pretty familiar with client feedback.  Both the Paradisus and the Melia are great products, and they are sister resorts (both part of Sol Meliá group) so you should see a lot of similarities between the two. They are both very popular requests and clients pretty much universally raved about both of them.

    If I were in your shoes, I would go with the Melia based on price point alone. It's already a lot to ask of your guests to give up their vacation time and spend big bucks on an all inclusive resort to attend your wedding.  For that reason I would personally want to keep costs as controlled as I could.  Melia is probably a solid 1/3 cheaper than Paradisus, and since it is still very nice I think it would be a clear winner in my book.

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