Wedding Canceled - Selling Plus Size Unaltered Alfred Angelo 16W

Hi Everyone,

I am devastated. My wedding's been canceled, my fiance had second thoughts and I just want to get rid of this dress. It's a gorgeous dress, super flattering, but sadly.. I'm never going to wear it and never want to. I'm letting it go for as close to cost as I can get. Paid $999 + Tax, so around $1050. The dress is still in the store, I haven't even done a first fit.

Located in Los Angeles but will ship anywhere. If any brides here have been thinking of buying this dress, please consider taking this one. Send me a message or drop me a reply. 

Thank you so much, and have a wonderful time wedding planning. Feel free to ask me anything.

Re: Wedding Canceled - Selling Plus Size Unaltered Alfred Angelo 16W

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    You should ask for this to be posted in the Wedding Classifieds.

    I am sorry that you are going through this.  I think you have dodges a bullet, though.  If your FI changed his mind, better now than after the wedding.  After you have had time for some healing (Dammit, why does growth have to hurt so much?) I hope you will find a brighter future.  Hugs.
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    Try your local Facebook boards and/or

    Sorry for the pain you're experiencing. It may not seem like it now, but he did you a favor doing it now. However, I'll join you in hating him right now because it never hurts to have company. (Hugs)
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