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Should we invite all the same people?


Re: Should we invite all the same people?

  • I know this has to be a really stressful time for you, and I'm sorry you're having to figure out details of postponing a wedding that was so close. 

    No one was rude, this was a really calm thread for what sometimes goes down on the etiquette board. And often times comments are as much for lurkers as they are for the OPs. There were also different suggestions made, there was not a monolithic answer. No one thinks you're an asshole, you're a great part of this community, so no said otherwise. Please try not to take it that way, or call us out for legitimate comments. 
  • Weddings tend to be emotionally charged at the best of times. I cannot imagine the added feelings of postponing a wedding or the added stress of the etiquette that goes with it, so I am echoing @glasgowtolondon to remember to practice self-care during this time.
    "Marriage is so disruptive to one's social circle." - Mr. Woodhouse
  • Ok, I got it. I legitimately didn't know and wanted to avoid being rude. But apparently I should have known immediately and not asked a stupid question. Silly me.

    We've established that I'm an asshole for even thinking about it. Can we drop it now?

    It was a very legitimate question to ask, and it was something that I had to think about before I answered.  I would take some time away from all the wedding stuff and then come back with a refreshed attitude. 

    Maybe sleep on this and think about the inferences you are reading into the comments. It's a bit of a leap to say pp are inferring you are an asshole, all I see is people trying to steer you in the right direction. Maybe if this is getting a bit too much for you think about taking a step back from the interwebs for a while, a lot is going on for you right now so please look after yourself  :)
    Solid advice here ^^^
  • I think as well, what the original poster doesn't always notice, because it is their own question, is that you receive multiple answers because this is a community. Posters like to add their "two cents" even if it's to say "I agree!" (or not), and posters like to discuss among each other. Not every response is directly written for the OP. And if every question posted only had 2-3 responses, this board would be pretty dead!

    OWK- Your question wasn't stupid and you are not an asshole. I had to think about my answer first, too. It is an interesting scenario! If you read posters' responses, there were some variances in what was considered OK, and then many posters offered their own personal thoughts. You've got time until you need to send invitations, so take a break and take care of yourself :).
  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana
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    Thanks everyone. I'm sorry for my posts yesterday. I was having a shit day at work and took it out on all of you. I really do appreciate the advice.

    And yes, I am feeling emotional about canceling the wedding. I need to think a little more than usual before I post.
    Hope your day was better today. The bright side - tomorrow is Friday! Hang in there.
  • @OurWildKingdom, cancelling or postponing a wedding would be a major stress event in most lives. I really like the advice of practicing self care and perhaps that includes not thinking about the wedding at all for a while. I think you had very important and valid reasons for putting a hold on things. A hold to me means a hold on anything wedding related and thus 'permission' to focus on other important things. Perhaps you can put anything wedding related (including planning something in the future) off until 2017. Give yourself a few solid months.

    Internet hugs :)

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