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NWR: Best things I learned from the InterWebs

I figured while we're all sick of the election, we may as well make light of it and make fun of the crazies.

This morning I learned that the GOP office that was firebombed is a huge publicity stunt by the DNC so they could look good for setting up the Go Fund Me after.

Re: NWR: Best things I learned from the InterWebs

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    I learned that Trump never wanted to be POTUS. He's planning to start his own news channel and the presidential campaign is just a publicity stunt. 
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    I learned today that Ringling Bros is starting a campaign to combat all the bad press about "the race being a circus" and "clowns are bad".
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    Pamela Anderson poisoned Julian Assange. 

    They know each other because they're on some sort of anti porn campaign together. 

    Not sure which is more unbelievable. 
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