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I'm a married lady now!

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We got married on 10.01.16 and then right on our honeymoon.

Our wedding day was amazing and stress free. I woke up not feeling anxious or nervous about anything which was amazing. I got ready at the hotel with my Mom and 3 sisters and my MOH. Every one hung out ate lunch together, my Sister and MOH practiced ukulele together between getting their hair and make up down, it was a blast.

H and I wrote our own vows and it was surprising how many people told us they teared up and couldn't believe we wrote our own vows.

Thanks so much to everyone on TK that replied to my posts and helped calm my craziness and answered my questions. I had a lot people in my life trying to give my bad advice, (only buy gifts that say BRIDESMAID, make everyone wear the same dress shoes, hair styles, cash bar is fine, tell you FML to wear this color, etc.) so it was really great to have a place to learn from.

I don't have many photos yet, but I'd love to share a few

edited to fix pictures?


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