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How many registries?

How many places is it appropriate to register?  I want to make it as convenient as possible for anyone who wants to get us something off a registry, but I don't want to have nine million different ones.  What's normal?

Re: How many registries?

  • I think 2 is more than fine, something you might commonly see. I wouldn't do more than 3.

    I did not do this myself, but I have heard Amazon is a good option if you have guests all over the place that may not be able to buy from a traditional registry.

    But, with most stores you can shop, buy and send online, so I wouldn't worry too much about trying to accommodate a physical location for all guests.
  • I'd say no more than three, and I've typically seen two.

    I wish I could have done Amazon as there were a lot of things we liked from one store, but nothing else, and it would have been easier to just have it all in one place. 
  • Thanks!  I'll probably pick out two "real" stores and do one on Amazon.  That seems like a reasonable variety.
  • MelCar2 said:
    Have you thought about maybe creating a universal gift registry? We're registered at MyRegistry.com and we were able to sync our Amazon registry as well as add individual items from different stores. We are also thinking of creating registries at Crate and Barrel and Target and syncing them too. It's nice because our guests will be able to view everything on one list and we still get the benefits of registering at those stores. Good luck!
    One issue to be aware of with MyRegistry is that it doesn't always update to the individual store registry. So say you had a guest buy something off of your Target registry through MyRegistry; it doesn't always update to the Target registry, so if a different guest went directly to the Target registry (or went in store to Target and searched for your registry) it wouldn't show the item the first guest purchased as being fulfilled. Unless you're on top of updating the individual store registries that are synced through MyRegistry, you might get a lot of duplicate gifts. I'm not saying don't use it, but it might be more problems than its worth. 
  • MelCar2 said:

    Really? I have not experienced that so far. For now, every time something changes on my Amazon registry, the next time I log into MyRegistry.com, the change is made there too. But thanks for telling me. I will let you know how it turns out. But for now, I am loving it.

    I think Charlotte meant that if a guest buys something through MyRegistry, it doesn't necessarily reflect in the actual store registry (i.e. Target). So Target registry syncs to MyRegistry, but not the other way around.
  • The norm seems to be no more than 3 registries, I did 3 (mostly BBB, a little from macys, a little from crate & barrel). I added my registries to my theknot.com webiste and it shows all of them on one page which is probably easier than using another third party website like myregistry.com
  • Definitely no more than 3! I was surprised because you always hear everyone talk about how much fun it is to make a registry. I hated doing it. It was one of the worst things about wedding planning for me. I actually started crying in the middle of BBB and my FI had to calm me down. 
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