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I just read Destination Weddings for Dummys.  It does have a lot of good planning information, but it also had terrible etiquette advice!
1.  Author recommend secretly getting married at the home courthouse, and then having the "wedding" at a destination, WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE!  Ugh.
2.  Author proudly states that she invited lots of people to her shower who were not invited to her wedding! 
3.  Author says that if you have your wedding on a cruise ship at sea, you don't have to pay for your guests' costs.  So - your guests have to pay for a cruise in order to attend your wedding?

No wonder we have so many brides who have wrong ideas about destination weddings!  This author works in the wedding industry, and promoted spending money - as well as spending other people's money.  It has so much good planning information in it, I was disappointed to see the bad advice.
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