PSA....PSA.... TOUCH OF ELEGANCE in Cincinnati - They are closing down!!!!!

We had our wedding booked there for 10/1/2017. I was inform at a bridal show this pass Sunday that the venue was closing. I reached out to the venue to confirm if this was true and spoke with DON and he was acting very funny, asking questions about who told us. Pretty much acting like we was not supposed to know. So we set a  meeting for Tuesday. We spoke with mark (the son) when we first walked in and he had NO clue what was going on. He was saying that they were selling the business but they would be fully functional for our wedding date and that they had wedding booked up until Nov of 2017. So we go down stairs to meet with Don and He confirmed that they were closing and ANY wedding after April will be canceled. They plan on turning the venue into some type of restaurant and will begin renovations in MAY. I asked if he was going to reach out to everyone else - his response was Oh ya we should probably do that. My fiancee asked him so we was we not supposed to find out and his response was look I don't know what to tell you! Anyway he gave us our full 500.00 deposit back. IF YOU HAVE A WEDDING BOOKED WITH THEM AFTER APRIL 2017 PLEASE CALL AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK NOW!!!!
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