When to seek legal aid when dealing with an unresponsive venue?

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A little background to my situation:
I have been trying to get in touch with my venue for over 5 weeks after they let it slip about a policy change that will alter my rental agreement. I have put down a 50% deposit and there is not a clause in my contract that says they reserve the right to make changes without notice. I have called 5 times, e-mailed 5 times and visited the venue once last week.

None of my calls/emails have been returned and when I visited the venue, neither the owner or coordinator were onsite. Their representative contacted the coordinator while I was onsite and I was informed that I would be contacted the following day to discuss details. I still have not heard from the venue. A friend of mine contacted them to see if they would respond to her, and she was contacted back within less than 5 minutes. The only method I have not attempted is a formal letter, which I am saving for if/when I decide to seek legal action. 

My wedding is 6 months away. I am at the point where I need to start finalizing details, and the policy change completely changes all of the plans I had in place. I would lose access to overnight accommodations, bathrooms and an indoor back up for the ceremony/reception.

At what point do I say enough is enough and have a lawyer contact them asking for my deposit back? They have broken the agreement we have in place and they have been ignoring my attempts to contact them to work out a resolution. I have no desire to do any further business with them. 

Re: When to seek legal aid when dealing with an unresponsive venue?

  • I would actually send  a formal registered letter now, informing that you been trying to contract them with questions. Be cordial in your letter but to the point. Let them know that you would rather not get lawyers involved but that this is a huge event in your and your partners life and you don't want them to be the reason that it was ruined and that you hope they can working something out with you
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