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My fiancé and I are going back and forth on this-with a Facebook event, a Facebook group, paper invitations, and a wedding website...are RSVP cards absolutely necessary? 


  • Yes. Do you mean you are making your wedding a FB event and you have a FB group for your wedding? You really shouldn't do that. FB events are for less formal, less important things. Just have guests RSVP by cards and/or wedding website. You don't want to miss people who may not do the internet thing.
  • We did the Facebook thing because we've seen it done before and it's been a lot of fun to post silly stuff and reminders on there. 
  • Your formal invitation (i.e. the paper one) is the only thing that should request a response. You need to give a medium in which to respond.

    Technically, no, you don't need RSVP cards, as the onus is on the guest to respond, and your invitation should say "Please respond by....". However, most people these days do not keep their own stationary and may be quite confused about how and who to respond to. RSVP cards were created to make it easier on the guest. So either provide an RSVP card, a phone number to call on your invitation, or a link to your wedding website.

    I would not use the FB event as a means to respond- FB is very informal and you cannot get a good gauge of who is actually coming (i.e. you invite a family, but only the one person who you are FB friends with can respond "yes" to attending the event).

    We provided RSVP cards and the link to our wedding website where guests could RSVP. Most guests used the cards.
  • We definitely aren't relying on Facebook, it's just another avenue to have some fun with the whole thing.
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    I generally advise people to stay off of Facebook when it comes to wedding plans and invitations.  There might be people, who are not on your invitation list, who will see your postings and be hurt because they are not invited.  It is considered rude to talk about an event with people who are not invited to that event.  The same applies to Facebook.

    Paper invitations work best.  If budget is an issue, I recommend Vistaprint.  They do a nice job and have lots of designs from which to choose.  Do be careful about wording, though.  Much of their suggested wording is just plain wrong!  Check with us about wording before you order.

    Vistaprint also does matching pre-printed RSVPs very inexpensively.

  • We are pretty far from friends and family, so we have a secret group...really wasn't asking this question to receive criticism for having a Facebook page/group, thanks though!
  • Paper RSVPs aren't required, but they are really helpful. We did paper cards and an email address to respond and overwhelmingly people chose to send back the cards. It's just easier for many people. 

    And on the FB thing, if it's a secret group inside eye this a little less, but don't rely on people checking this regularly or use this as the only source of info (you say you have a separate website so that's good). You don't want things getting lost because people don't check in on social media regularly. I know you're probably excited and want to share things with your family and friends, but be aware this maybe be overkill for some of your guests.  

    Also, if you post things on here people will comment on them whether or not that was what you were asking about. 
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    We didn't have paper RSVP cards. We included a card with our wedding website/online RSVP and my email address. Some people also texted or called their rsvps in. We had very little problems with this method. 

    ETA: we did have paper invitations though. 
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    We are pretty far from friends and family, so we have a secret group...really wasn't asking this question to receive criticism for having a Facebook page/group, thanks though!
    You posted on an open forum, so people can comment however they like.  

    It's a wedding--a formal event.  Don't use FB.  Use a normal paper invitation, and if you have details you'd like to share, create a wedding website.  Your wedding does not need to have a streaming FB group.  It's not that complicated.  If you can't present the logistics or time line on your wedding website in a simple way, then you have way too much going on.  

    Also, no one really cares about your wedding as much as you do.  I would be annoyed to have constant wedding update notifications.  No.  If I need more info, I will go to the wedding website, or I will google the venue location.  
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