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I'm married now!

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It was wonderful.  It was fantastic.  I wouldn't have changed a thing.

The weekend before, my future SIL and some friends did the whole "sleepy hollow" stuff with haunted houses/hayrides etc. It was so much fun!  Then on Monday we woke up really early since I was so nervous about getting the license (as my mind usually over thinks things plus, we're in a different state) and we headed off to village hall.  It took 20 minutes.  No glitches.

Monday night we had a Halloween costume party at the hotel.  SO MUCH FUN!

Tuesday, I got up early too.  Our venue was on site, FI and I brought a bunch of stuff like table cards, 'guest book', lights, decor and stuff to the reception room.  The person doing my hair and make up was running late.  It took me A LOT longer than anticipated to get ready, and the time line was pushed back completely. 

The ceremony was perfect and everyone commented on how original and great the officiant was (non denominational, actually a hand fasting).  We did a first look which was really awkward and we did pictures out by the ceremony and did a dry run, so guests just saw me before the event (1/2 were staying there too).  Oh well.  I think having EVERYONE see me before hand, hubby included, really put me at ease and I was not nervous.  I had tunnel vision throughout the entire ceremony.  Apparently there were some loud people in the parking lot, but DH and I could not even hear it.

Reception: perfect.  Everything went off without a hitch.  I think I got to sit down for 15 minutes which included eating what little dinner I ate and hearing the speeches.  I was mingling, dancing, at the photo booth and at the bar the rest of the time.  Oh, by the way - photo booth was a HUGE hit.  If anyone can fit it in their budget, it's a great way to get guests to connect with each other.  Both families were taking pictures with one another and mingling and the tone was so laid back and casual and fun. Even my photographer came up to me and said he wished all weddings ran as smoothly as this one did and he loved the atmosphere of the people.

So I think that's it.  I'll post some pictures later tonight.  I only have guest photo's, which is pretty much just the side angle from the pro shots since it was all held at the same spot.

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