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MOB dress

So I was really worried about my mother finding a dress she loved and felt beautiful in. She's heavy and worries about losing weight constantly. Also, her favorite colors to wear are neutral colors. She and I talked early on and I assured her she could wear whatever color she wanted and it wouldn't bother me. In fact, I love the pictures of brides with their moms and the moms happen to be wearing a traditional wedding gown color. I almost suggested she check out some wedding gowns as options.

Anyway, fast forward to my sister going to a salon to look at BM dresses, and my mom tried some on as a whim. I LOVE her choice and could tell by her face (which I cropped out here) that she loved the dress too. She was still worried about me liking it/the color, and even sent a photo of it beside an ivory dress. I'm so happy my little sister was there with her to reassure her that this was the right dress for her. And I'm so excited to have pictures with my mom where she feels confident and beautiful!

(Since I posted something not happy earlier, I figured I'd balance it out by sharing something cheerful.)


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