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I'm not sure if this is done or how it would even look.  I  am having a matron of honor and 2 brides maids.  They are all different sizes and have different tastes.  I know normally the matron can wear a diffent shade of the same dress.  I was thinking of letting them all pic out the dress (same color and length).  Has anyone ever seen or heard of this being done?  Groom is not in favor.

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    People do it all the time. You can find a line (Alfred Angelo or anything by David's Bridal for example) choose a fabric and color and they can get just about any shape/style of dress that they want. I think it looks great, AND your maids have the benefit of finding a dress they might actually wear again.
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    I let my MOH choose a different dress.  I personally liked the idea of everyone in the same dress, but I wanted to make her stand out a bit more.  However, it can be done beautifully.  There are lots of girls over on wedding party who have pics in their bios with wedding parties that look that way.

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    Honestly - you can do whatever you want!!! I've seen many weddings where the girls have different dresses in the same color and same material. I think it looks fine!!
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