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I have a love/hate relationship FB page

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Re: I have a love/hate relationship FB page

  • I got to my reception and there were several pictures of my wedding already posted. Because I require approval to post them to my timeline, they were still hidden. It didn't bother me a bit. I think people are going cuckoo over this. 
  • yes, I love the fact that my friends were sending me pictures the next day.  Who wants to wait that long for pro pics?
    Exactly! My wedding was 7 weeks ago and I just got my pro pics Saturday. I loved seeing pictures immediately and looking through the pro pics, there were only 2 people you could tell had their phones out. Who CARES???
  • After my wedding, a good friend sent me pics within a few days.  Like other PPs have said, I LOVED seeing some pics right away.

    She also asked for my permission before posting a couple on her FB page.  I know she didn't need to get my okay and I didn't mind at all anyway, but it was thoughtful she asked.

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  • We didn't even think about asking people to hold off on posting photos until the next day, but many of our guests {our age group} asked us before posting the photo. I thought it was pretty thoughtful :)
  • This whole trend of unplugged weddings just needs to go away.  If you don't want your wedding photos posted just change your privacy settings to require an approval...that is about as much control as you can have without crossing into crazy-town territory.
  • emmaaa said:
    A girl I'm friends with on FB posted an article similar to this a while back and I commented on it saying that it was kind of rude, unnecessary, and I loved some of the pictures people took on their phones. She told me that I needed a better photographer then. Hah, right.

    The fact of the matter is, professional wedding photographers should know how to work around other people taking pictures and politely ask someone to move if they are truly in the way. That's what I paid for in my photographer, professionalism.

    OT congrats on your daughter. That photo is too much; love those tiny feet.
  • I do not understand this trend.  It makes no sense to me.  I mean, okay, yeah, society is glued to mobile devices and it is equal parts annoying and interfering in some instances (I keep telling H our kids will not be allowed to have any electronic gadgets when we go out to eat as a family because LORD the number of families who go to fancy restaurants and DON'T EVEN LOOK AT EACH OTHER makes me sad), but asking people to "unplug" is ridiculous to me.  You can't dictate what adults do, wear, say, etc.  

    My phone usually stays in my bag at weddings (funerals, meetings, etc.), at any rate, but something like that ^^^ is a sweeping generalization that I find insulting and infuriating.  Don't tell me how to adult.  You do not get to control how/when/where I use my mobile device and/or my own social media page.
    There was one instance where the B&G had a special cutesy hashtag and STILL wanted everyone to be "unplugged."  


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