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Advice on destination weddings !

im posting for a friend who has decided she wants to have a destination wedding. Has anyone had one before and if so where abouts? What was the average cost for guest to go and the cost for you yourself having the wedding? She went to a travel agency who gave her some books of places but didn't explain how it works. Any advice on places that were a great experience and some that weren't so great would be appreciated! Thanks.

Re: Advice on destination weddings !

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    This is an extremely broad question. A lot will depend on the location (plus resort chosen, time of year, length of stay, etc) and the size of the wedding. Obviously budget plays a huge role, too, unless the couple has unlimited funds to spend on a location.

    If you choose a location and resort, the travel agent will book the room space for the couple and the guests. Agents can typically book group space, so the couple may get a free ceremony or a free room. That all depends on what destination/resort they choose, though. When the couple secures the reservation details with the agent, then each guest can contact the agent to book their package for the length of time and room category that works for them.

    Then, the couple will then work with the resort wedding coordinator (if they choose to marry at a resort) to customize the ceremony. Most resorts that do destination weddings have simple packages, but you can add on things to fit their vision and number of guests.  If the couple chooses to marry outside of a resort, then they'll have to find a wedding coordinator in the area where they choose to marry. 

    I got married in Australia and did not have any guests. A lot of knotties on hwere got married in the Carribean or Hawaii and had upwards of 30 guests. Some people spent as much on their destination wedding as a traditional wedding would cost. In my case, I only spent about $8K on my wedding (ceremony, dinner, and photographer) but spent over $20K on the travel portion. It can really vary by A LOT. 

    I think it's best for the couple to decide their budget and come up with a few options from the brochure that might interest them. Then, talk to their VIP  guests (family, close friends) and see how they feel about traveling, and if they want to travel, how much they'd be comfortable spending. Then, take that information to the agent and let them confirm it will work and provide pricing. 


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