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New York-Long Island

Three Village Inn

So we have an apt. at Three Village Inn this week, and my heart is kindof set on it (well, from online at least) and I'm wondering if A) anybody has a quote on pricing from them..I believe they're in our price range, but we are on a budget. B) if you liked this place?. I'm really wanting something alternative to a regular Long Island wedding venue, I want some rustic and beautiful for the fall. I really love this place, it's close to us and I've heard great things about the food..although I know it is pretty small, but is it big enough on the dance floor to hold 100-150 people?. Thanks!

Re: Three Village Inn

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    Perfect location for something different in the Fall on Long Island. I believe the price range per head is about 80-100 depending on your menu and other needs. I would def say it is big enough for 100-150 (even on the dance floor). I photo there from time to time so if you need any other info, I would be glad to help you out.
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    Yay! that's exactly what I was hoping for. I was going to check out Old Field Club, but it looks a little too beachy and too expensive for our budget. Do you know for sure that that is the price range? it's a little above our budget, we were hoping to spend about $75 per head :\.
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    You can always negotiate with them depending on the date. I sent you a PM.
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    I got quoted 130 + 18% service charge for Saturday daytime in August at the Old Field Club.  Three Village Inn was $99 for the same day/time, but it would've been less for off-season.
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    We are also seriously considering the TV I and we are also concerned about the dance floor / room height.  We've been there a few times to put our concerns to rest but we just want to be sure.  We will have about 100 guests as well and want to make sure that the DJ isn't on top of the people.  We don't want it to be cramped or uncomfortable.  Can you shed anymore light on this topic? Do the ceilings appear to be too low for a comfortable party experience?

    Thanks !
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