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Photo "Sneak Peaks"

How many out there were given a "sneak peak" of a few wedding photos taken by their photographer shortly after (1 - 3  days or so) after their wedding? The only photos I've seen thus far are two that were posted to the photographer's Instagram account. As she was leaving my wedding, she told me I'd have all the pictures in about a week but it's been almost 3. I'm getting a little anxious...

Re: Photo "Sneak Peaks"

  • my SIL and her sister were given sneak peaks within 3 days (then again, they may have had priority since it was her cousin who did them).   I have heard of them, but our photographers don't offer it. 

  • Mine gave us a sneak peak about a week or two after the wedding I think? It also took a while for me to get our pictures back (like 8 weeks or more I think...). Doesn't hurt to contact her and say that she told you there would be some available in a week, and if you can expect to see some soon. 
  • We got a sneak peek of 3 photos, the next night. But that wasn't in our contract, it was just her being nice.
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  • Our photog sent us a couple photos, maybe 3 or 4 in the first few days following our wedding. This wasn't in our contract though. And we later had major contract issues.... got these first few sneak peaks and then didn't get our photos until 7 months later (we were supposed to have everything completed by 3 months, including a photo gallery) :S.
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